Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to All!  I hope 2010 brings you health, happiness, and great memories!

Could you Survive without Beauty Products?

See how one woman lived with only soap and sunscreen -- eek!

Would You Survive 30 Days Without Beauty Products?
It's safe to say a lot of us are addicted to beauty products. I mean, would you quit your shampoo, mascara or lipgloss cold turkey? Sounds impossible, but that's what this woman did for a month. See how she survived -- and even thrived -- with only soap and sunscreen.

Holiday Smile Contest Winner

Congratulations to Lora!   You are the winner of the Holiday Smile Contest.  You will receive all three products listed in our contest; Oramoist Time-Released Dry Mouth Disc, Canker Cover - The Oral Canker Sore Patch, and Lip Clear Lysine + Cold Sore Treatment.  Thank you to Quantum Health for sponsoring this contest!

Click here to learn more about the prizes:


Free Robe with Fragrance Purchase at ULTA

What are you getting for Christmas?  Hopefully one of these amazing soft, fleece robes.  I checked them out at ULTA and believe me, they are soft!  I immediately sent hubby a "cyber hint."  When you purchase a fragrance, you get to choose one for free.  What could be better than that?  Feeling soft and warm while smelling great!

Check it out here:  http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/category.jsp?categoryId=cat40002

For free shipping on orders $25 or more use Coupon Code 33069. 

Win a Shopping Spree to Sephora!

Enter the $10,000 Sephora Shopping Spree Sweeps before it's too late!

Don't Miss Out On This Contest!
It's every beauty junkies' dream come true: $10,000 to spend any way they want at Sephora. And it could be yours, all yours, if you win the sweeps. How do you enter? It couldn't be easier, just go to TotalBeauty.com, write a product review or sign up for their newsletters and you're entered! Hurry though, the contest ends December 31!

How to Cure Winter Dry Skin

Need help with dry, chapped skin and lips? We've got the answers

Solutions for All Your Winter Skin Issues
Cold weather outside and dry heat inside can really do a number on your skin. If you've tried slathering on every lotion you can get your hands on to no avail, then you need these expert tips to fight dry skin. We talked to Arielle N.B. Kauvar, M.D., director of New York Laser & Skin Care, and Liz Earle, a natural skin care expert, to find out what ingredients, methods and products work best to get you soft, silky skin all season long.

Have a Holiday Ready Smile and Giveaway

A first impression lasts a lifetime!  Be sure to have a beautiful smile at your next holiday party or event.  Here are three products that can help with the top three mouth worries; Dry Mouth, Canker Sores, and Cold Sores. 

Oramoist Time-Released Dry Mouth Disc

Imagine, talking to the CEO at the annual Holiday party and getting dry mouth!  What is a person to do?  OraMoist, is a breakthrough dry mouth treatment disc that has been specially developed to alleviate parched, dry mouth, lock in moisture for hours and restore a healthy oral environment. This is can be used for children five years of age and for adults.

OraMoist is a small, tablet sized dry mouth treatment disc that adheres to the roof of the mouth or the inner cheek. The disc slowly dissolves, releasing natural ingredients that moisten the mouth. In most cases, the disc fully dissolves in 2 to 4 hours, and some people report that it lasts overnight.

Canker Cover - The Oral Canker Sore Patch

Canker sores are so annoying and take so long to heal.  They make eating spiced appetizers a real "pain", so to speak.  Canker Cover™ is the breakthrough 8 hour treatment for mouth ulcers developed by an international team of scientists.

Canker Cover is a small pill-like patch which sticks to the ulcer within seconds and lasts 6 – 8 hours. The patch seals and isolates the mouth ulcer from contact with the tongue, teeth, food and toxins that may accumulate in the mouth. It also has breath freshening properties. Canker Cover instantly soothes the pain and releases natural food grade ingredients which reduce inflammation and speed healing. Most canker sores are healed with just one patch.

What it does?
-Speeds Healing

-Immediate Pain Relief

-Protects from Food, Drink and Irritations

-Keeps Breath Fresh
 Lip Clear Lysine + Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores can come up at stressful times and that means around the holidays.  There is nothing worse than getting ready for a party and trying to cover a cold sore with makeup and powder to try and conceal it. 

It has been said that Lysine can be a natural remedy that can be used to shorten to duration of cold sores and can be used as a supplement to prevent the onset on cold sores. *(See medical doctor for their opinion).  Use this treatment for immediate relief.  Lip Clear Lysine + will go on clear and soothe your cold sore while speeding up the healing process.

Enter now to win these products from Quantum Health
Would you like to win all three of these products?  Leave a comment with your first name or a code name.  I will pick a random winner to win all three products on Monday, December 14th at 11:59pm MST and announce the winner Tuesday, December 15th.  One entry only please and US residents only.

Good Luck and Keep Smiling!

Brushlove.com Discount for Moody Maria readers

Brushlove.com is now extending Cyber Monday just for Moody Maria readers! Just type in "blog45" for a 45% discount and you will receive the compact mirror seen below.  Hurry today because this offer expires December 4th!  Visit them today here.

 *Please note that this offer expires on 12/4 and does not apply to the Mason Pearson and Magic Ionic brands.*


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