Eco-Friendly Can be Convenient

"Natural" doesn't have to mean "pricey" when it comes to beauty products. See our 10 favorite green beauty products you can find at the drugstore
10 Best Eco-Friendly Products at the Drugstore
This is a beauty products article
We know -- you'd love to go agro-green on all aspects of your life -- including your beauty regimen. But you simply can't afford the all-natural products, right? Wrong. While some organic beauty products are admittedly steep, there are great natural finds in your drugstore beauty aisle. Here are our top picks.

Hair Therapy Wrap Review

I have been frantically trying to grow my hair out for a few years now.  Each time it gets a little longer, I end up getting highlights or using a flat iron too often and causing damage.  Then it's back to the salon for a trim.  Well, now I have had enough!  I am really going to grow it out this time and make it healthy once and for all.  I am so fortunate to have tested a product that will help me do just that. 

I have been using the Hair Therapy Wrap from  It is simply amazing.  I can use my favorite deep conditioner, put on the wrap and it does all the work for me.  Since using it, I have noticed my hair is softer and feels much healthier.  Although I will still be using my flat iron, I will stop highlighting my hair for awhile and use the Hair Therapy Wrap.  My hair will be as long as Katie Holmes' in no time!

Features & Benefits:

• Strengthens the hair and hair cuticle to reduce breakage

• Deeply nourishes the hair roots and scalp

• Softens and makes hair more manageable

• Improves hair texture

Here is the link to the product:  You can also like Brushlove on Facebook

*I received a sample for review.

Frozen Food and Dieting

With our hectic schedules, frozen foods are a necessary evil. Find out which ones you should nuke the next time you're crunched for time -- and which ones to leave in the frozen food aisle

10 Best and Worst Picks from the Frozen Food Aisle
This is a diet article
We'd all love to eat healthy, freshly cooked meals every day but kids, work, and life get in the way. For the days when you can't muster the energy to cook, frozen foods can be a great go-to. But it's important that you choose the healthiest options. Enter registered dietician Laura Cipullo, who says healthy frozen foods really do exist -- you just have to know which ones to buy and which ones to avoid.

Do I Make you Blush?

Who doesn't want that natural flush? With these reader-rated favorite blushes, you'll be on your merry, glowy way. Just make sure to avoid the duds
12 Reader-Rated Best and Worst Blushes
This is a makeup article
Blush is an under-hyped beauty product. It can bring dimension to your face, help you look younger, and bring warmth to an otherwise dull complexion. That is, if you choose the right one. See the blushes our readers can't live without and the ones they love to hate. average reader rating: 6.6
"The texture of the blush is so crumbly that even the slightest touch would create a powder disaster. Plastic dolls have better quality makeup than this stuff." average reader rating: 6.5
"I love MAC, but not enough to buy this horrendous product. It creases within 20 minutes of applying and by the end of the morning, it's virtually gone." average reader rating: 6.3
"Every time I open [the blush] it gets everywhere. I practically have to wear a bib."

Yes to Carrots Leave-In Conditioner Review

I have always been curious about the brand Yes to Carrots.  Does it smell like carrots?  Well not exactly.  I recently tested the Yes To Carrots Leave-in Conditioner with argan oil.  I brought it on a recent trip and decided to try it once.  I continued to use it my entire trip and when I returned home.  It's one of my new favorites!  I have thick, naturally wavy hair so I always need to have some sort of product in my hair to tame my curls or to smooth it when I use a flat iron.  Here are the three ways I used this awesome product:

I washed my hair and added about a teaspoon in my thick hair.  Fine hair should use a lot less because this product is pretty powerful and has argan oil.  I then let my hair dry naturally and slept.  The next morning my hair was wavy and ready to curl.  I was able to section off pieces to curl without using a brush.  The product made my hair untangled and it natural sections so it was really easy.  My hair wasn't over oily either.  My curls remained all day except when it sprinkled rain and then it got a little flat (but not frizzy). 

The second method I have used the Yes To Carrots Leave-in Conditioner was to style my hair straight or in a flip up hairdo.  I washed my hair and added a teaspoon as before.  Then I ran a wide toothed comb through my hair and blew it dry with a round brush.  After drying it I added used velcro rollers for 10 minutes while getting dressed.  Afterwards, I removed the rollers and ran a flat iron only on the really bubbly curls to tame them.  I wasn't going for the real flip up but a tamer version.  It looked great!  I also styled it today without the rollers.  I do try to limit my flat iron usage but when I am in a hurry, it's so fast!  This product also helps to repair damaged hair.

The third method was the same as the second except I added the Leave-in Conditioner to my hair AFTER blow-drying.  That is right- I added it to dry hair and it still tamed my hair!  It did not flatten it but added texture to control fly aways and frizzies and to take to the flat iron heat better. 

So, in Moody Maria's view, this is a product for every woman!  Yes to Carrots Leave-in Conditioner should be a staple in every woman's bathroom cabinet.  It can be used for deep conditioning while under the sun, to style straight or curly hair, and to tame a slicked back ponytails or braids. 

Next up, I might just try this to control my son's curly hair.  Stay tuned for that! 

In case you didn't know there are other brands in the Yes to Carrots family:  Yes To Cucumbers, Yes To Tomatoes and Yes To Blueberries.  Visit for more information or like them on Facebook.  You can purchase this product at CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart or Kroger stores.  

*I received a sample for review. 

Spring Break Update and Style

Happy Easter!  I haven't been posting too much lately because I was on Spring Break with my kiddos and hubby.  I got to visit Sephora and I have some new reviews coming. 

Hope everyone is having a great Spring so far!

Here is a little of what I saw in Disneyland....colorful outfits by brothers trying to gain attention.  I think after I took their picture they gave each other a high five.  Seriously though, lots of leggings, tanks, Lulumon, bright colors, and Tom's shoes.  LOTS OF LEGGINGS!  It's funny that a lot of people wearing black skin tight leggings and they shouldn't be.  I got to see a lot of cellulite and panty lines.  Ugh. 

These were the most popular Toms I saw women and girls wearing. 

Side braids still very much in style. 

Fun times! Hope everyone else had a great Spring Break!


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