Foundation for Flawless Skin
Makeup: The Foundation You Can't Live Without

One of these 14 crowd pleasers could give your skin a flawless finish -- sans airbrush experts

Makeup: The Foundation You Can't Live Without

We've heard complaints about foundation ranging from too heavy and drying to too light and oily, not to mention "too few shades" and "too expensive." So we've gathered the foundations that garnered praise from members.

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And the Winner is......

Well, I have two boys and two boys fight if they aren't the special one to choose the winner. So......we have TWO winners of the L'Oreal Extended Lash Beauty Tubes mascara giveaway.

Congratulations to etirv and Anna! Please send me your mailing address so I can send your prize ASAP! Email me at moodymaria (@)

Spring Hairstyles straight from the Runway
Hot Runway Hairstyles

From classic updos to perfectly disheveled waves, here's a sampling of what will be hot this spring

Hot Runway Hairstyles

The hair trends for spring are already being determined. Think sleek buns, beachy textured hair extensions, braids and twists. You'll never be bored with your hair if you try these styles.

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Too Much Red

(Photo Credit: My 3-yr old, Connor)

Last night I decided to wash those grays out. Why do I not listen to my husband? He tells me to just buy the same color each time and instead I keep trying new ones. I tried the L'Oreal for True Brunettes. The box does warn that it is for dark hair, but did I listen? No. My hair already has some red in it from previous colors, so now it has more red.

I would not suggest using this hair color unless your hair is dark brown or black and you are looking to lighten it and give it some depth. I can live with it, but I just wanted to show my unsightly results.

Next I will be reviewing the new L'Oreal Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner! I have been using it for a week now and love it.

L'Oreal Preference Les True Brunettes, Ultra Light Ash Brown UL 61 1 ea

Preference with Optimized Fade-Defying System, creates a rich long-lasting color spectrum with luminosity and shine. True Brunettes lightens the darkest hair up to 3 shades lighter, without a hint of brassiness achieving beautiful balanced browns. Care Supreme® Conditioner helps lock in first day color vibrancy and keeps hair silky and resilient week after week. Color won't fade-out, turn dull or brassy.

Preference Shade Guide:
UL61 is a frosted brown shade with ash tones, which will minimize red/orange tones. For optimal color results, use on medium brown to black hair.

Bobbi Brown Bright Eye Palette

Check out my favorite Valentine's Day present! I got the Bobbi Brown (collector's edition) Brights eye palette! I was so excited and have been enjoying it each day since I received this awesome gift. I have been using the blue tones mostly and now I am going to move into green and follow it up with purples. I highly recommend any of Bobbi Brown's shadows. They are so smooth and easy to apply and they have staying power.

Right now Bobbi Brown is featuring FREE SHIPPING on any order with the code: LAST. It is also the last time to purchase some of her limited edition sets. Check out these items at Bobbi Brown's site:

Enter to Win!

It's giveaway time! Up for grabs is L'Oreal amazing mascara - Double Extend Beauty Tubes in black.

Leave me a comment and tell me if mascara is one of your "must haves" before leaving the house. If not, tell me what makeup you have to wear before leaving the house. The contest ends Friday the 20th at midnight. I will pick a random winner on Saturday, February 21st.

Multiple comments will not increase your chances of winning. US residents only please.

If you want to read my review on Beauty Tubes, you can read it here.

Tootsies for Foot Fanatics

I listen to JohnJay and Rich , a morning radio show in Arizona. The dj, JohnJay has a foot fetish. I do NOT have a foot fetish. In fact, at the store, I get disgusted when I see men's toes that are not well maintained. When women wear sandals and haven't taken care of their feet, I get equally sick.

I just discovered the most adorable blog about tootsies. Tootsies - another cute name for feet. Check it out and send in your picture and story today. Who knows? You might just get featured!

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! I have some new reviews coming up that I will work on this weekend.

Kerastase Nutritive Vernis Nutri-Sculpt

A co-worker of mine recently started using a straight iron. Her stylist straightened her hair, her husband loved it and she came running to my best friend for advice. She wanted to know what kind of flat iron to get and where she should buy it for the best price.

After she left, I ran over to Carol and asked her if she told her about heat protectants and serums. Whoops! She said, "I forgot to tell her all the products that are involved in straightening your hair."

Oh the products. And the testing. And the bad testing days.

Recently, mine turned out pretty smooth so I thought I would take a picture of it. For the readers' sake, I did not include my face. I actually showed a few people the pictures and they thought I looked really mean and moody. How appropriate.

I used Kerastase Nutritive Vernis Nutri-Sculpt at the advice of the woman working at Gadabout one particular day. The product is a easy to use and you know it works because you will see the steam rise from your straightening iron. The product is truly light and a little goes a long way. For the price of $29.95, this product is more of a splurge. This is definitely something that would make a great gift for someone who wanted ultra-smooth hair but couldn't afford the good stuff.

Kerastase makes great products and my favorite is by far, the Nutritive Olea-Relax.

PS: I do not consider myself a redhead. But after looking at these pictures, apparently I have red hair.

Grammy 2009 Fashion Flops

  All I can say of M.I.A.'s getup, keep in mind she is pregnant and not thinking straight with all those hormones!

Normally I am a huge fan of Zooey Deschanel, but the color, fit and style of this dress is all wrong. I know she could have done better.

I don't know what Paula was thinking. The color is wrong, the style, the hair, and the jewels!

This dress accentuated Carrie Underwood's mid section and she barely has one! Flaunt it while you got it sister.

Top Pick Flat Irons
Top 12 Flat Irons (Plus One Awful Hair Straightener)

See the straighteners that topped the list, and the one 50 readers threw in the trash

We think you should embrace your curls, but sometimes a girl's got to go sleek. We don't blame you but we do insist you use a good flat iron. A quality (but not necessarily expensive) straightener works quickly, damages hair less and gives strands a smooth, shiny finish. Bad flat irons? Well, they leave you a frizzy, damaged mess. Check out the irons readers love (er, and one they hated).

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Interview with The Advice Sisters

Exclusive Interview with
Alison Blackman Dunham
of the The Advice Sisters.

The Advice Sisters Guide to Life, Success & Happiness Blog:
What Works Beauty, Cosmetics & Fashion review column and member of the Total Beauty community:

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I have been providing content online for more than 16 years; providing online features and columns for my own web site and since 2005 on my blog. I started out writing life and career advice, then started writing relationship books and columns with my genuine twin sister, Jessica --that's how the Advice Sisters got started. In fact, the Advice Sisters are credited with bringing the advice/info-tainment genre, online! I've been writing about beauty and fashion topics for a decade, but when Jessica died, suddenly, I began to focus more on lifestyle, beauty and fashion. I have a popular and extensive beauty and fashion review column called What Works ( I am also the author of three published non-fiction books, and nine E-books.

What first inspired you to start a beauty blog? Although my web site has plenty of content, I kept being asked if I had a blog, which really is entirely different than writing the type of full scale articles and columns I provide on my web site. So I began blogging, then started blogging daily because readers responded more quickly to it than my bi-monthly What Works beauty review columns. The blog format also allows me to provide more comprehensive reviews than the What Works column format does. I am a freelance writer and this is my professional job. I consider the blog and my web site to be my online portfolio. I hope that if someone likes my writing and needs a writer, they will consider me!

How has blogging changed your life? Blogging has cut into my other projects in a huge way. I have been online so long I don't know whether or not it has made me more visible, but probably, it has. Alas, being out there also means that I see my work, often without my authorization or without attribution, in places I haven't any control over.

Would you suggest blogging as a way to make money or do you feel it is more of a hobby? Do you think it can lead to a career? I think it is extremely difficult for the average person to make money on the Internet. Some people do get other jobs from being online, but you really do need to have lots of connections and people who will help you build a buzz and promote you even before you begin to blog. It can raise your visibility, but unless your blog is truly hugely popular, you're not going to want to quit your day job to pursue it full time.

Do you have any tips for those trying to save money but also keep up on the latest beauty trends? I have always felt that the free gifts with purchase are a good way to try products you might not want to pay full price for--wait until those specials, then stock up on the stuff you would have purchased, anyway. Get samples in the department stores. They still do offer them, especially if you make relationships with salespeople at your favorite makeup counter. Also, know what kind of skin you have and learn what types of products work best for you. You don't have to spend a fortune to have good skin care if you choose the right products, use them properly, and use them regularly. The priciest cream in the world won't do you any good if it's not right for your skin. Keep in mind that what you read in a magazine or even in your favorite blogs may be useful, but not necessarily appropriate for your budget, personality, lifestyle, and so forth. Absorb as much as you can so that you are an educated consumer, but don't fall for the hype. Beauty reviews are highly subjective. What works well for me may not work for you. If I loathe something, you may love it. I never forget that my audience is very diverse when I write my reviews!

For Spring, what are you seeing the most of in terms of colors and beauty trends? It is all about bright pops of color which just mirrors what we saw on the runways. Yellow, bright green, blue, white, orange, bold pink...these are cheerful colors that you can play with. If you're color averse, try a bold nail polish or a colored eye liner or don't have to look like a rainbow. Softer metallics are also going to be popular.

Can you tell us what is in your makeup bag? I have stopped carrying a lot of products. A Clinique powder compact with SPF, a Chanel lip gloss, a kohl eye liner, blotting papers, a tiny rollerball of scent.

What would be the one beauty product that you couldn't live without? Moisturizing lip gloss, preferably with SPF--I never leave the house without one--and I have quite a few.

What is your key to staying on top of everything? Who says that I do?!

Thank you Alison for your time! I appreciate you doing an interview with Moody Maria and for all your advice. For more advice from Alison, visit her beauty blog at:

Date Night Hairstyles
15 Date-Night Hairstyles

Copy the romantic looks seen on the cast of "He's Just Not That Into You"

Break out the little black dress and dust off the stilettos -- you've got a date! All you need now is the perfect hairstyle to complete your ensemble. Get inspired by these date-worthy looks from the cast of "He's Just Not That Into You" (and a few other celebrities we love) and get tips on recreating the styles at home. Any of these will definitely have your guy so into you -- and if he isn't, well ... that's his problem.

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Bobbi Brown Sale

Ends Tomorrow!

Free Metallic Eye Shadow

DON'T MISS EXCLUSIVE MEMBER SHOPPING EVENTFREE Full Size Metallic Eye Shadow with $65 Order Ends Tomorrow February 7, 2009!Enter offer code SHIMMER2 with your $65 order & receive a free, Penny Metallic EyeShadow-this high-shimmer formula creates a sophisticated and sexy look.**Offer valid through 2.7.09 (midnight ET or while supplies last), only on One time use.

Free Standard Shipping with any $50 order.****Automatically applied at checkout as a service when you shop at

Venus Embrace Rocks!

I know that not many people are baring their legs anytime soon, but here in Arizona we are already wearing shorts! Time to pull out all the stops, check out the latest in razors, buy some new lotion, start researching self-tanning products, get to the gym and don't even start on the feet and toes! can make a girl crazy.

Well- don't worry. Moody Maria will try to take out the research factor and help you!

For today, let's focus on razors. I just used the most awesome razor designed for a woman and it really works! I used it with plain soap to see if I got any nicks and I have to honestly say, not a one! The razor has a protective ribbon of moisture to add to the ease of using this awesome five-blade system razor. The Venus Embrace is easy to hold too because of it's rubbery grip. It also comes with a case that holds extra razor heads and it has suction cups so you can keep it in the shower.

So if you are looking for a new razor to get those gams a going.....Venus Embrace is the one!

Honeysuckle and Orange Peel Softsoap

I reviewed Softsoft body wash in a previous post. I have to admit I am still VERY upset that they stopped making the lavender and chamomile scent in their fragrance collection. But, I am back in love with Softsoap brand because I just tried their newest wash in their fragrance collection. It is called Honeysuckle and Orange Peel.

It sounds really gross but it smells great! It has the same moisture beads as all the other body washes in this collection. I have to warn you that a little goes a long way and it has a watery consistency. I love it because it is gentle and also can be a great shaving gel. Also, it is mess-free with this easy to open spout.
It is SO new that there is no picture available. I got mine at Target and there is a coupon from last Sunday's paper. Happy Shopping!

Olay Professional Review

I recently had the opportunity to try this new starter kit from Olay Professional. I was pretty excited to try something that was a breakthrough product. First off, let me state that all of the products were scent-free and white. That made me feel as if there were not additives.

The results:
The Age Repair Cream is awesome. It comes in a small pump and with two small pumps I can cover my face, neck and upper chest. There is a sunscreen in it, which I was hesitant to use but it was great! It went on smoothly and didn't effect the way my makeup set.

The Wrinkle Smoothing Cream goes on my face and neck each night. Again, no scent and no additives so it was very gentle and smooth. It did not moisturize my face like I thought it would. It was not greasy and actually didn't make my face dewy in the morning as some products. This made me wonder if it was working. But, the results can be seen in 28 days so I still have a few weeks to go.

The Eye Restoration Complex. The tube is pretty small so a little must go a long way. I have been using it day and night in the hope that I will see some results. So far, nothing. It goes on so nicely and feels good but that does nothing for me unless it works.

As for the price, I think Olay might have made a mistake with the launch date being so close to the New Year and with the economy so bad. They are offering a mail-in rebate on and I know it was on sale at Target last week. I would hold off on the purchase until you see my final review. For the same price, you could be using Estee Lauder.

**I will be updating you and giving you my final results in the next few weeks.

Kit Includes:
Age Repair Lotion (1.0 oz / 28 g)
Wrinkle Smoothing Cream (1.0 oz / 28 g)
Eye Restoration Complex (0.3 oz / 8.4 g)

What the company says about it:
New Olay Professional Pro-X is a scientifically advanced line of skin care products created by an inspired partnership of P&G Beauty scientists and renowned dermatologists.

Together, they took advantage of the very latest research, technology, ingredients, and thinking to create these breakthrough anti-aging products.The Anti-Aging Starter Protocol is your introduction to the three-part daily program. It contains starter sizes of Age Repair Lotion SPF 30 (for sun protection, moisturization and anti-aging appearance benefits), Eye Restoration Complex (a specialized treatment that improves the look of dark circles, puffiness and crow's feet) and Wrinkle Smoothing Cream (smoothes uneven textures with moisture, combating the look of fine lines and wrinkles). All have been professionally designed and tested to resignal skin to perform more like it did when it was younger.* And younger-acting skin means younger-looking skin. Guaranteed.***

Green, Pink and Blue this Spring

Check out these pictures of Katie Cruise. She is boarding a helicopter in Rio de Janeiro. This was yesterday morning, which means she landed in time to catch the Superbowl. I am sure she was rooting for the Arizona Cardinals, right?

I love these pictures because she is so put together, all matching and bright. She does look rather happy in the helicopter. Don't you wonder what the girl is saying to her. I imagine it to be, " I am such a big fan! I loved you in Dawson's Creek!"

Be on the lookout for bright colors to brighten up your Spring.

More pictures and the accompanying article can be found on justjared! Click here.


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