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I have always wanted to have a website showing all my girlfriends and relatives the products I have tested. I hate spending money on beauty and hair products just to find out they don't work or they make me break out! I am going to be posting my favorite products as the months go by and then I will start adding some new products that I buy for testing purposes. Be sure to leave comments or send me product ideas for this site. Hope you enjoy!

As for the name Moody Maria - Aren't you a little moody when you buy a product that doesn't work?

* Disclosure - ADDED 12/1/09
As of December 1, 2009, all bloggers will be subject to disclosing additional information on products or fees that they receive for reviews.

As for Moody Maria, let me state that I do not get paid to blog. I do not receive and have not received ANY money to blog about any products. Occassionly, I do receive product samples to review from PR companies representing beauty companies or from the actual company. When I receive a product, I do not guarantee I will do a review for said product. I will not lie about a product and I will not sway a reader to buy a product unless I absolutely believe in it. All of my reviews are based on my experience, my opinion and my results. I do not guarantee that a reader will find the same results. I am 100% honest with my reviews because that is the basis for my blog. I started Moody Maria because I wanted to review products for friends and family so they would not spend money on products that do not work. I started this blog as a hobby and it continues to be a hobby. It is not a business and I do not make money off this blog, except for advertising contracts or the Beauty Bubbles program that I currently participate in with the Total Beauty Network.

As of December 1, 2009 I will be disclosing after each review how I received the product (PR company, Paid for by Me, Borrowed from a Friend, or as a Gift). I will be completely honest because I have nothing to hide.
Please feel free to send me an email if you have a question regarding my disclosure statement or any product questions. I can be reached at moodymaria (a) live.com

Thank you for reading Moody Maria!

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