Infiniti by Conair You Wrap & Wave Review/Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to create those beach waves and just haven't been able to?  Do you wonder what everyone is using to get those perfect ringlets or princess wave/curls?

I just discovered the secret and I am ready to share it with you! It's the Infiniti by Conair You Wrap and Wave Iron. It uses Tourmaline Ceramic Technology which prevents hot spots, reduces frizz, and helps eliminate static.

The You Wrap and Wave is a unique 2-barrel ceramic styler and can create a range of curl styles and add volume. It has 30 second instant heat so you don't have to wait or make coffee while it's heating up. This tool can get hot - up to 400°F so be careful! It also has an automatic shutoff for added security.

The You Wrap and Wave is a little tricky to use unless you use the supplied heat protective glove. It is really cute and actually works!

This is how I styled my hair: I blow dried my damp hair using a heat protectant spray. I then sectioned my hair off so I could work with one section at a time. I then grabbed a small section of hair and wrapped it like a figure 8 around the two barrels. I then held it for a few seconds and let go. It was amazing how quickly it curled my hair and how beautiful the curls were! It was one of those moments where you wish you had this tool in high school. I remember waking up 2 hours early to get ready for school and curling each section of hair. With this tool, it would have taken 1/4 the time and looked better! This technology by Conair really is amazing and I am so glad to share my discovery with Moody Maria readers.

To learn about all the products in the Infiniti by Conair line, visit:

Would you like to win a You Wrap and Wave from Infiniti by Conair?

To enter, leave a comment telling me what hair tool you cannot live without.  Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. For additional entries, like Conair on Facebook. and/or like Moody Maria on Facebook.  You only have to leave one comment telling me what you did for each entry and I promise to count them all!

Good Luck!!  The deadline to enter is 11/5/11 at 11:59 PM MST.  The winner will be announced the week of 11/7/11.

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Clean and Clear Morning Burst Review

One product that I am not set on is facial cleanser.  I find it fun to experiment with a few and also to switch them up.  I try to use a different one every other day depending on their strength and features.  So why am I using this Clean and Clear Morning Burst all the time? 

The truth is this skin brightening facial cleanser not only cleans your skin with infusions of lemon, papaya and caffeine extracts, but it makes your skin feel so invigorated.  It's the kind of cleanser you want to take on vacation or use after a bad night of rest. 

I have sensitive skin and occasional adult acne and Clean and Clear's Morning Burst did not dry my skin, irritate it, or cause breakouts.  It is oil-free and contains Vitamin C.  It is safe for all skin types.  You can find this product at Walmart for a retail price of  $5.99.

Visit Clean and Clear's website for more information:

*I received a sample for review

Katie Holmes' Hair

Credit: Dave Allocca/
I remember writing Leslie at work, back and forth about how Katie Holmes had her hair in a bun again.  It drove me crazy and now I really think she took the whole "I just gotta ignore my hair so it will grow" approach.  Her hair looks so amazing here - as does her skin.  She has always been one of my favorites and she has not stepped down a notch in my list.  Bravo Katie! 
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Keri Lotion Review and Giveaway

Keri Lotion has been around for more than 50 years and it has been recognized as a great moisturizer for generations.  That is one reason it made me so happy when my son started using Keri this week.  I got to sample the Keri Basic Essentials made with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  It is also fragrance free and hypoallergenic. 
I used Keri after my shower and noticed the great moisturization that lasted all day.  No itching and no flaky legs!  Suddenly my son showed me his dry, red hands.  He uses very drying antibacterial gel at school and it wreaks havoc on his poor hands.  I told him to try the Keri lotion in my cabinet.  He used it right away and noticed that a) it didn't burn his chapped hands and b) it wasn't greasy so he didn't have to use a napkin to wash some off.  He is very picky about which products due to his sensitive skin.  Overall, we all loved it and remembered that sometimes the classics really are the best.

Here is a link to a coupon for $2.00 off.

Would you like to win a bottle of Keri Basic Essentials?  Leave a comment below with what you look for in a body lotion and your email address.  For an extra entry, like Moody Maria on Facebook here.  The contest will end 11/1/11 at 11:59pm PST.  Good Luck!

To view all the Keri lotions in the picture above, visit

*I received a sample for review.

Ottlite Natural Light Makeup Mirror Winner

Congratulations to TinaGirl! You are the winner of the Ottlite giveaway.   Thank you to everyone who entered and to Ottlite for sponsoring this awesome giveaway. 

Visit for more information on their products.

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