RoC RETINOL CORREXION MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System

This Stuff was amazing!

The new RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System is a two-step kit clinically proven to be up to 4x more effective than a series of in-office peels by your dermatologist. The powerful blend of RoC® RETINOL and E-PULSE® Technology renew skin without harming surface layers, providing visible improvement to wrinkles, skin tone and sun damage.

I was very excited to try RoC for the first time.  I always saw it in the store but was hesitant to try a brand until I learned more.  My friend Lora mentioned that she uses their daily moisturizer with sunscreen.  Since she is very reliable I thought it was time to broaden my skincare horizons.  I was thoroughly impressed with RoC.  I tested their two-step RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System.

I started out with clean skin at night.  Step 1 is a creamy anti-wrinkle treatment.  It blends nicely and does not burn as some retinol products can.  It left my skin moisturized.  Right after Step 1 I applied Step 2.

Step 2 was the fun part!  It is a dark gray/silver cream and is the Resurfacing Serum.  At first I was scared to put it on but it feels so great when it's applied.  It is so smooth and feels like a primer.  * A warning that it could be addicting to keep adding more and more of Step 2 but don't be tempted.  You have to use an even amount or you will run out!
I wore the RoC Wrinkle Resurfacing System to bed and woke up looking about the same the first night.  After using it for a few weeks I noticed my skin was smoother and definitely looked more even toned.  I did not break out from this system either which is a great sign because I have sensitive skin. 
I would recommend this for anyone who has fine lines starting, skin damage or uneven skin tone.  It can be used nightly but if you are too sensitive try every other day at first.  You can learn more at their website:
*I received a sample.

Makeup at the Gym

Looking good while you work out has never been so easy. See the products that'll last through your next sweat sesh
7 Best Makeup Picks for the Gym
This is a makeup tips article
While it feels good to sweat in spin class, it's not as fun looking like a sweaty grease ball when class is over. And with these no-fuss, sweat-resistant products, you can look as good as you feel when your workout is over.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation Review

I fell in love with Vapour Organic Beauty products when I first tried Vapour Stratus Instant Skin Perfector  back in 2009.  I am excited to review their natural and chemical free foundations for you now.  I tried the Atmosphere Soft Focus liquid foundation and the Atmosphere Luminous foundation stick.  I enjoyed them both and here are my results:

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation
The great thing about this foundation is that it easy to apply because it has a pump and it smells heavenly.  You can just smell the blend of anti-oxidants and moisturizing botanicals that help your skin look youthful and diminish the appearance of fine lines.  The Atmosphere Soft Focus foundation has rich mineral pigments that help cover imperfections and make your skin glow. 

I used two pumps and applied with my fingertips but you can also use a makeup sponge.  I found this foundation to go on smoothly and blend in nicely.  It gave me a glowing appearance and was very light.  It almost looked like I wasn't wearing makeup but that my skin was flawless.  Kind of like the movie stars look at premieres but you know they are wearing makeup.

I used S110 and it was perfect for my light skin.

The second foundation I tested was Vapour's Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in a stick form.  I also used shade 110.  It was not too light and not too dark, just perfect.  I used this when I was running late for work and it made my makeup application go so quickly!  I literally added it on my face in ten different locations and blended it with a makeup sponge.  No powder required.  This stuff was great!  It should be listed for all moms on the go because it was so quick and easy to use.  My skin looked so good with this too!  It did not give a dewy appearance but very matte and even.  It covered all my flaws and unevenness but was not thick.  Oh and it smelled great too!  I am big into products that are natural and smell great and Vapour covers that feature so well.  I could also see throwing this in my purse for quick touch ups throughout the day.  It can be easily blended with fingertips too.

Both of these foundations are perfect for summer because they are light-weight allowing skin to breathe while creating a play of light so you look polished and naturally flawless in any situation.

Vapour Beauty is 100 percent natural and chemical free with a minimum of 70 percent certified organic ingredients to offer maximum efficacy and luxurious texture while respecting the environment and its resources.

These are available in 11 shades to match every skin tone, online at

*I received a sample for review. 

Scunci Flower Bendini Clip Review and Giveaway

Have you noticed all the flowery prints in fashion this summer?  Flowers are a super-hot trend and you can now get that look for your hair as well!  All it takes is a simple bend and snap. I present to you the new scünci® flower bendini clip!

Here is my hair with the bendini clips:

I love these new bendini clips by scünci® because it literally takes 30 seconds to put them in and dress up your hair!  They are casual enough to wear out on a summer day of shopping or to a bbq and nice enough to wear to work maybe to dress up your casual messy bun or high ponytail. 

The scünci® flower bendini clip is available in three sizes and comes in the assorted colors: black, blue, pink, ivory, turquoise, golden yellow, coral, purple, and navy. To use the clip, start by gathering your hair in the desired style. Slide the bendini comb into the hair, and bend and snap it securely in place for an all-day hold.

If you would like to purchase one for yourself they are available at Walmart, AAFES, CVS, Giant Eagle, Harmon, Rite Aid, Schnucks, Shopko, SuperValu, Walgreens, Weis, Winn-Dixie, and other drug stores and mass market retailers for an average retail price of $4.99.

If you would like to win one set of the bendini flower clips enter by leaving a comment!  Scünci is giving away one set to a lucky Moody Maria reader.  All you have to do to enter is leave your name and email address.  Contest ends July 20, 2012 at 11:59PST.  US only.  Good Luck!

For more great styling ideas, hair accessory trends and scünci giveaways, “like” the Facebook page at, or follow scünci on Twitter at

*A sample was provided for review.

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Giveaway

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Hosts “Thank You for 1,000 Fans” Sample Giveaway
Omax3 is holding a sample giveaway right now on Facebook.  The contest ends tonight so enter today!

Are you getting the highest omega-3 purity levels available? It’s important to look for (and to expect!) purity and concentration in every pill for the best health benefit, and now you can with new, pharmaceutical grade, all-natural omega-3 supplement, omax3® Ultra-Pure™

Head over to the omax3 Ultra-Pure Facebook page to celebrate their 1,000 fan milestone by entering the “Thank You for 1,000 Fans” sample giveaway. 100 lucky fans will win omax3 Ultra-Pure and will be selected and announced on July 6th. Learn more and enter the giveaway on the omax3 Facebook page,


* My review will be posted later this week.

Anti Monkey Butt Review and Giveaway

Have you ever seen Anti Monkey Butt Powder at the store?  It is definitely something that caught my attention.  First off, the logo is so cute and the little monkey makes me happy. 

So what is Anti Monkey Butt Powder?  It is anti-friction powder but is different from other body powders because it’s specially formulated with calamine. It quickly relieves itching and irritation while minimizing friction and absorbing sweat so you can keep playing or working, no matter how hot it gets outside.

Anti Monkey Butt isn't only for men either.  It can be used for anyone who does gardening, biking, hiking, rides a motorcycle, plays extreme or team sports, or chases after kids.  The uses for Anti Monkey Butt Powder are endless; try it inside your shoes, under sports pads, between your thighs or anyplace else plagued by sweat and friction.

I tried out Anti Monkey Butt Powder in my running shoes and it really did seem to help with sweat and moisture.  I sprinkled a little in my heels too since I walk so much at work.  When you walk in 100 degree heat to go get lunch, your feet get a bit sweaty.  It made them not as slippery if you know what I mean.  My boys will be sure to use it when soccer season starts and my hubby can use it in his work boots. 

Anti Monkey Butt Powder can be purchased at Walmart, Rite Aid, Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, Pilot Travel Centers,, and for an SRP of $5.95. Learn more about the complete line of Anti Monkey Butt products at and join our community of passionate powder peeps following the monkey madness at  If you head over and like their Facebook page you can enter the Kick Some Butt Summer Photo Sweeps. 

Would you like to win a bottle of Anti Monkey Butt Powder?  Enter here by leaving a comment with your email.  You can also enter by hitting like on Moody Maria's Facebook page on the review.  Contest ends July 9, 2012 at 11:59PST.  I will randomly pick one winner.  US and Canada residents only.  Winner has 48 hours to respond or I will pick a new winner.  Good Luck!

*I received a sample


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