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The Best and Worst Wet n Wild Products

Check out which nail polishes, eye shadows, lipglosses and more our readers love, and, well, love to hate

The Best and Worst Wet n Wild Products

Buying Wet n Wild is an inexpensive way for us get our beauty fix without hurting our wallets. Heck, half the stuff they sell you could buy with change found in your couch cushions. Check out this guide to what's hot and what's not, and then search those couch cushions or bust open that piggy bank.

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The Worst: No. 3: Wet n Wild MegaColors Lipstick, $1.99 average member rating: 6.4*

The Worst: No. 3: Wet n Wild MegaColors Lipstick, $1.99

It's "just overall really mediocre" they say and feels "icky on ..."

No. 2: Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color, $.99 average member rating: 6*

No. 2: Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color, $.99

"The finish is just awful-- no smoothness whatsoever, very chunky, streaky and coarse ..."

The Best: No. 9: Wet n Wild Silk Finish Blush Compact, $3.49 average member rating: 8.6*

The Best: No. 9: Wet n Wild Silk Finish Blush Compact, $3.49

"The pigmentation is dense-- so a little goes a long way" and "it literally stayed on all day ..."

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EverPure Review

The worst part of coloring your hair is the fade and the grays popping up after one to two weeks! I just hate it. Recently, I got my hair done at my favorite salon in town, Gadabout. They charge a hefty fee because they are good. To me, the color result is worth it and I will do anything to protect that look! To protect that investment you basically need some hair insurance. That where EverPure Shampoo by L’OrĂ©al Paris comes into play.

If you want insurance on your hair color, this is the product. I have tested both the Moisture and the Smooth versions and my favorite is the Smooth.
This shampoo is 100% sulfate-free and 100% vegan (not tested on animals and use no animal by-products). Not only is this line completely environmentally friendly it works wonders on your hair. EverPure includes an anti-fade system that keeps your color vibrant for up to 32 washes and smells amazing! EverPure offers three lines (Moisture, Smooth and Volume) as well as the awesome UV Spray that’s perfect for extra protection in the summer.

Try it and you will not be disappointed!

Carelle compact made with Black Onyx

How would you like to win this on ebay?Total Stone Weight: Approx. 67.4 ctsDiamond: Approx. 0.53 ctsRetail: $4200

For the Eighth-Annual Tribeca Film Festival, L’Oreal Paris and Carelle have created the final compact in a series for the 2009 Awards’ Season.
This compact, made with Black Onyx, will be presented to a female documentary filmmaker whose work exemplifies an innate sense of social responsibility. The powerful design is softened by a frame of diamond-inlaid, 18K gold mirrored leaves, representative of the delicate balance of elegance and determination that makes the Woman of Worth extraordinary.

The compact will be up for auction at with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Tribeca Film Institute. This is the last compact in a series of 5 that have been gifted at all the major awards shows this season!

If you have $500 for the starting bid, check it out at !

Best Shampoos for Volume

Pump up flat, limp hair with these shampoos, conditioners, gels, foams and more

Top-Rated Volumizing Hair Products
Fine, flat hair can be a challenge. But, according to these unbiased reviews, anyone can have voluminous, bouncy hair -- if they use the right products. Find out what ones our readers say plump up their hair without making it sticky or stiff. average member rating: 9*

No. 23: Jason The Pro-Vitamin Thin-to-Thick Hair Thickening Shampoo, $8.38
Why it's great: Readers say they "immediately saw a difference" using this shampoo, which promises 10 percent more fullness... average member rating: 9*

No. 22: Kerastase Mousse Volumactive Amplifying Perfecting Mousse for Fine, Vulnerable Hair, $28
Why it's great: "It gives volume and makes... style last without making... hair stiff or heavy..." average member rating: 9*

No. 21: Finesse BeautiFULL Volume Shampoo, $4.29
Why it's great: Readers say "it makes my hair perfect" and "people comment on my healthy, thick, shiny hair..."

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser

I recently tried this cleanser from Aveeno. It is called Positively Radiant Cleanser and it is positively great!
I love it because it is gentle, has a nice scent but not too overpowering, and is so easy to use in the shower. The pump doesn't give you too much cleanser, so I use three pumps. I did not break out from this cleanser, in fact my skin may have improved. It is very gentle and removes makeup (not color stay lipstick).
If you are looking for a gentle cleanser, this would be a great choice. I got mine at CVS and they have a sale all this week on their Aveeno products if you participate in their Bonus Bucks program!

Aveeno Products get you $10 Bonus Bucks

CVS is having a sale on Aveeno products and you can get $10 bonus bucks. Get there by Saturday to get in on this great deal. Here are some items I suggest: Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Ageless Firming Eye Cream
Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser, with moisture-rich soy extracts

Eyeliner Tutorial from Total Beauty
Real-Woman Tutorial: Perfect Eyeliner

Quick and easy tips for a perfect cat eye, liquid liner and more - brought to you by fellow blogger Temptalia

This tutorial is designed to show you step-by-step how to line your upper lash line and wing out the liner subtly, which is typically called a cat-eye. Check out these tips and you'll be on your way to perfectly-lined eyes in no time.

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Free Standard Shipping all Weekend

Bobbi Brown is offering free standard shipping April 17-19th on their website on all orders. Here is the (one-time only) coupon code for checkout: WEEKEND5

Daring Disaster or Daring Success?

What is your most daring makeup look? Enter at the Lancome Blog by this Sunday to win prizes!!

Here is the link:

Anti-Puff Eye Roller - Caffeine for your Eyes!

Everyone knows that rest, water, good nutrition, sunscreen, and exercise are the best thing for healthy looking skin, right?

Realistically though, we don't always have time to fit all of those elements into our busy lives. So, the good people over at Garnier Nutritioniste invented a little cheating mechanism! It is the Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller.

This product is awesome for reducing puffiness under your eyes. I have been using it for a month now and truly enjoy it each morning. I use it under my moisturizer. Let it air dry and you will start to feel the tightening of the skin. You can put foundation over it, but I apply mine gently to that area of the skin.

The roller ball is cold and feels refreshing in the morning after a long night of tossing and turning or after a short night with barely any sleep! The product contains caffeine to decongest puffiness and diminish dark circles and pro-vitamin B5 to refresh and hydrate the delicate eye area.

The best part of all, it is easy to carry in your purse and DOES NOT LEAK!!! I took this on a recent camping trip and it was so convenient.

Make sure to look out for coupons and sales. I would try it on sale at CVS or use your bonus bucks!

What they say about it:
Is it right for me? While you sleep, circulation slows down and causes fluids to collect in your lower eye area. Dark circles and puffiness appear. Skin Renew anti-puff eye roller is right for you if you want to gently stimulate micro-circulation around skin's delicate eye area to decongest excess fluid for diminished dark circles and puffiness.

How is it different? Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew is our 1st anti-puff eye roller that uses a unique-combination of "skin-nutrients" and a cooling, roll-on applicator to stimulate micro-circulation. It's ideal for a hygienic application in the sensitive eye area and convenient for use on-the-go.

Long-Lasting Lipsticks
9 Supposedly Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Do they really stay on? Read this real-woman road test

9 Supposedly Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Slicking on a coat of lip color every five minutes lost its allure after junior high. Nowadays, we want color that lasts hours and a product that doesn't suck moisture from our lips. The Total Beauty Squad tested nine contenders to find ones with real staying power -- enough to withstand cocktails and kisses. Find out which products delivered and which disappointed.

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Vacation and Updates

I just got back from Vacation! Excuse my lack of posts. I went camping. Yes, I said camping. I wasn't tent camping but close enough and I had a lack of privacy and products. I have some wonderful tips for camping in the means of sanity and beauty.....just give me a few days to jot them down!

I have also been testing some awesome new products from Kerastase, L'Oreal and Garnier. I will be posting those later this week.

In the meantime, drink your water and take those vitamins. It's Monday and we are all a little Moody today!

Heat-Styling Creams
20 Best Heat-Styling Creams, Mousses and Sprays

Don't use a blow-dryer or flatiron before applying one of these products

20 Best Heat-Styling Creams, Mousses and Sprays

Stop damaging your hair! If you heat style often you must use a product that protects your hair. Try these gels, sprays and creams that our readers say keep their hair healthy.

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Final Results of Olay Professional Review

Well, the time has come. I must now give my final results of the Olay Professional anti-aging set.

Here is my original review:

My final results in red:

The Age Repair Cream is awesome. It comes in a small pump and with two small pumps I can cover my face, neck and upper chest. There is a sunscreen in it, which I was hesitant to use but it was great! It went on smoothly and didn't effect the way my makeup set.
While using this on a ski trip, the sunscreen did not protect my skin at all and I did get sunburn on my face. This was disappointing, although the cream is really nice and goes on smoothly. It is hard to recommend this when I live in the desert and we cannot survive without sunscreen that works.

The Wrinkle Smoothing Cream
goes on my face and neck each night. Again, no scent and no additives so it was very gentle and smooth. It did not moisturize my face like I thought it would. It was not greasy and actually didn't make my face dewy in the morning as some products. This made me wonder if it was working. But, the results can be seen in 28 days so I still have a few weeks to go.
This cream is really nice and did not make me break out. I really enjoyed using it and it lasted for about a month. For the price of $41, I would not pay that amount for the results. I did not see an overwhelming result to my skin to justify that price. Possibly, in another month's time it would give more results.

The Eye Restoration Complex
. The tube is pretty small so a little must go a long way. I have been using it day and night in the hope that I will see some results. So far, nothing. It goes on so nicely and feels good but that does nothing for me unless it works.
The eye cream was my favorite and I think that I actually did see a result of 50% improvement on the fine lines, crow's feet. I did not see a result on dark circles and puffiness. I would be willing to try this cream again for a month if the price was right (coupon, sale or rebate).

As my final review, I would recommend the Eye Restoration Complex first and the Wrinkle Smoothing Cream if you have money left over to spend. I would only purchase this product if there was a hefty discount. I think that Olay needs to re-adjust pricing due to the economic situation of the U.S. I could not see my friends spending money on this product when there are so many other choices at Dillard's or Macy's for the same price.


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