Lady Speed Stick Review

I have been working out more this year - Yay for 2012 Resolutions!  I am kind of on a roll and really enjoying my sweaty time at the gym.  I have been walking and running on the treadmill, using hand weights, and taking some Les Mills classes.  The classes are amazing and the instructors really push me.  They literally scream , "Don't you dare stop!" kind of like Jillian Michaels.  One of the things I have learned at the gym is who not to stand next to in class.  It is sad to say but some people simply don't wear deodorant at the gym.  I understand not waking up to get ready for the gym or wanting to wear makeup but deodorant is kind of a must in my book.  Do you wear makeup at the gym?  I do and you can see why in this article.

One deodorant I recently tried was Lady Speed Stick Fresh Illusions in Rainkissed Waterlily.  I am as picky about how my deodorants smell as I am my perfume or lotion.  I stand in the aisle and smell them all and then make my boys smell them all.  They are so used to it and just as picky as me.  I just love this scent.  The actual deodorant works great, lasts all day, and does not stain my clothes.

Try it, you might like it too!

Here is the website:

*Nothing to disclose, this was purchased at my local grocery store with a coupon :)

Mary Kay Satin Hands Pampering Set Review

I love all sorts of lotion.  I think it's because I live in a very dry climate and my skin usually resembles a lizard or a female construction worker that works with cement.  I prefer really thick moisturizing lotion for my hands, especially at night before bed.  One that I have been loving the last year is the Mary Kay Fragrance-Free Satin Hands Hand Softener (that's a mouthful).  I know it says Fragrance-Free but this stuff smells so good.  I have no idea what is in it to make it smell so good but it is so subtle and works for me.  My husband has been using it too on his dry hands.

Unfortunately, it only comes in the Satin Hands Pampering Set.  Here is what is available in

the kit and how to use it:

Step 1: Use the Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Hand Softener to help maintain skin’s natural moisture.

Step 2: Cleanse and exfoliate with one pump of Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Satin Smoothie® Hand Scrub and warm water.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Hand Cream for instant moisturization for up to 24 hours.

It is also available in a peach-scented formula and there is a travel size available. 

Here is a link to Tammy Vavala's site.  I don't get commission if you use her, I just have had great luck with her.  Hope you like it as much as I do!  

Female Football Fashion Tips

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Guest Post at well to do, you plus Giveaway

I am so excited to be featured as a guest post at the blog, "well to do, you" today.  Hop on over and check out my post on Beauty on a Budget plus enter for the $20 Target gift card.  Who couldn't use that??

While you are over there, check out the Dress to Impress project.  Suz really has an eye for style and makes a great model.  It is amazing all the good this project does and how fun it is for the readers. 

Follow well to do, you on twitter or on Facebook to keep up on her posts. 

You're doing your face a disservice if you're not using one of these top-rated cleansers. See what they are now
18 Best Face Cleansers
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"I have combination skin that is prone to both dry patches and blackheads and this is the only cleanser I have found that does a wonderful job of keeping my pores clean without stripping my face and leaving it crepe-y or scaly looking." average reader rating: 8.8
No. 17: Mary Kay Creamy Cleanser 2, $12
"My face used to feel tight after washing it, but since I started using this cleanser, my skin is always soft and moist now." average reader rating: 8.9
No. 16: Ambi Complexion Cleansing Bar, $1.99
"This cleanser has a great fragrance and leaves your face feeling refreshed and revitalized without removing the skin's natural moisture."

Jockey Sports Bra and Purex Crystals Review

I am a member of Purex Insiders which means I get to test out Purex products which I love!  Recently, the folks at Purex teamed up with Jockey to show how their Purex Crystals Fabric Softener can work great for all your sensitive clothes and how it won't harm the moisture wicking fabric found in so many sports clothing today.  After all, you spend so much on your exercise gear so you want to protect it and conserve it for years to come. 

I received the Jockey Tech Terry sports bra and immediately fell in love.  The material was thick but not itchy, and it had the right stretch in all the right places.  I felt really lucky to have been given this opportunity.  I washed it right away with Purex detergent and then sprinkled my Tropical Splash Purex Crystals right in the wash as the water was filling up.  My two sons do fight over who gets to sprinkle them each time I start the washer.  It's really kind of cute.  I love seeing boys this excited about laundry and I am sure their future spouses will love me for it.

Purex Crystals come in three scents, Lavender Blossom, Fresh Spring Waters, and Tropical Splash.  I don't have a favorite as I love them all and that IS the truth.  I dare you to smell them all at your local store and prove me wrong.  They all smell great!

My sports bra turned out fine and I noticed it smelled great.  I probably wasn't supposed to dry it but I did and have several times.  It always comes out great, fits the same (no shrinkage), and smells great. 

The Jockey Tech Terry sports bra comes in white or black and has a key pocket for runners who don't have a spot to carry their keys.  You can get a 20% off coupon for Jockey right now to try out this sports bra for yourself.  Use online or at Jockey outlet stores nationwide.

No matter what brand you use, I know Purex Crystals will be gentle on your clothing and other fine delicates.  I have been using it for over a year and it's now a staple in my laundry room. 

*Jockey and Purex provided free samples of their products so I could review them.  However, all opinions expressed here are my own.
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Butternut Boutique Angry Bird Giveaway

Presenting an Angry Bird Giveaway from Butternut Boutique!

One of my favorite Etsy shops is having a Facebook giveaway.  Butternut Boutique is giving away a set of  3 felt Angry Birds that will be attached to a headband, ribbon clip, or ponytail holder (your choice if you win).  All you have to do is "like" them on Facebook and leave a comment on the contest post (on Facebook).  There are ways to earn extra entries too.  Hurry because the contest ends 1/8/12 at 5pm MST. 

Good Luck!

Time to Workout!

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Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo Review

I have sampled one dry shampoo in my lifetime and wasn't convinced it was for me.  That was until I tried the new Keratin Infused Dry Shampoo from Suave Professionals. 

This is how I used it:  Washed hair and styled on Saturday.  Didn't wash hair on Sunday.  Monday afternoon I used the Dry Shampoo and styled my hair.  That was the second day of not washing my hair and it turned out great in my humble opinion.  My hair doesn't get oily usually but it does lose it's bounce and ability to re curl after a few days.  The dry shampoo seemed to be the key to restyling it and the keratin helped make it soft and smooth. 

I also used the Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo which I just love.  The scent is great and the suds are perfect.  I was so surprised when I used it and liked it much more than my expensive salon shampoo.  I purchased this one at Target and will be going back for more. 

Overall, I am very pleased with Suave Professionals and look forward to testing more of their products.  They are affordable yet work just as well as the more expensive options.  Bravo Suave! 

*I received a sample of the dry shampoo for review

Happy New Year 2012!

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