Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Here's to a great new year with happiness, good health, and happy memories. 

Wine Stained Lips

Afraid to venture into vampy, dark lipsticks? No Worries. This guide's got all you need to master the mulberry hues
Trend Alert: Wine-Stained Lips
This is a TotalBeauty.com makeup tips article
It's official: Wine-stained lips are this season's must-have look. But if diving into the world of gothic glamour seems completely foreign, take this crash course. It's got everything a dark lipstick newbie needs to feel comfortable flaunting a wine-colored pout.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 2012 Holiday Kits

I cannot believe that October is almost over and you know what that means, holiday shopping is almost here! It is never too early to start thinking about what to get the beauty lover in your life. And it is never too early to start a wish list! Make sure to add Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday kits to your list.

I had the chance to preview the two kits: Want you to Want Me Eye Kit and the Kisses on My List Vol. 2 Lip Gloss set.

Here is a sneak peak:

Want You To Want Me Eye Shadow Palette

I just love this elegant and hip 70s inspired box set.

Look at all the gorgeous colors!

The kit contains: - 9 x 0.025 oz Eye Shadow in Platform Wedge, Members Only, Graphic T's, Iron on, Front Row Center, Ziggy, Brass in Pocket, Power Ballad, Jellies

- 0.085 oz Mini Clear Brow Gel

- 0.17 oz Liquid Eye Liner

To purchase it:

Kisses on my List Vol. 2

This set is limited edition so you might want to snag it early! The 2011 set sold out! It contains three sheer and three new Hypercolor glosses.

My favorite part of Anastasia glosses- the applicator.
  It is not a brush but a flat applicator which gives me more control.

To purchase this set:

And here is some behind the scenes footage on these products in action.

*I received a sample for review.

Spa for Health?

Want to add years to your life? These six treatments will give you long-term benefits. Keep reading to see how
6 Beauty Treatments That Can Save Your Life
This is a TotalBeauty.com Health & beauty article
If getting pampered wasn’t appealing enough, here's another reason you should have regular spa days: Getting these six health and beauty treatments regularly can help you live a longer and happier life. See how adding these treatments to your routine can save your life now

Mama of the Month at This Little Mama

I am so excited and honored to be Mama of the Month over at This Little Mama.  I have been reading this blog ever since I met the amazing Elizabeth.  I am so happy she came into my life as I have learned so much about blogging, being a mama, Hollywood gossip, working out, party planning, monogramming, and so much more from her.  She is a creative and fun writer too so check out her blog.  I know you will love it as much as I do!

Here is the link to Mama of the Month:  http://www.thislittlemama.com/2012/08/30/jean-di-maria/

Thanks Elizabeth!

Fall 2012 Trends

Look fabulous this fall without splurging. See the seven fall looks you can DIY with amazing drugstore finds
7 Fall Trends You Can Achieve on The Cheap
This is a TotalBeauty.com face makeup article
YSL, Chanel, and Prada may rule the runway -- but you don't need these luxe labels' products to get the hottest fall looks. Recreate all the major fall trends --and save big -- by stocking up at your local drugstore. Mulberry lips, here we come!

ROC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream Review

I have been using lots of RoC products lately.  I am pretty amazed I didn't use them earlier in life.  I guess I wasn't convinced by the commercials, ads, awards, etc?  I guess I was just late to the game.

Not too late now.  I am still in my 40s.  I can still help correct some damage, right?  This new eye cream is one place to start since I have major issues with eye puffiness and fine lines.  I love this stuff!  I have been using it daily.  I can use it under my makeup too and it doesn't goop my foundation.  It gives just the right amount of moisture and it is sensitive. 

Anyhow, seriously ladies, go buy some!  It's a great eye cream and I hope they never stop making it.


* I received a sample for review.

nuNAAT Silicon Collection Review

I just tried a great line called nuNAAT hair products.  I tested the Silicon collection because of the condition my hair is in - colored and dry.  This line heals damaged hair from the inside out.  It uses natural strengtheners like Ceramides and Keratin, plus shine enhancers like Silk and Pearl Proteins, in addition to the taming powers of Silicone combine to restore even the dullest, driest, most damaged hair.

I used the NAAT Silicon Healthy Restoration Moisturizing Shampoo first in the shower.  It really cleansed my hair and added a lot of moisture.  I followed it up with the NAAT Silicon Moisturizing Hair Mask.  I left this in while I shaved my legs and it was just about the right time to rinse it out.  My hair felt so thick and revitalized after using this mask.  I loved it! 

After my shower I added the NAAT Silicon Protective Leave-In conditioner.  It made my hair soft and easy to comb through with a wide tooth comb.  The instructions state to rinse it out but I tried it both ways and my hair could handle leaving it in all night.  I would suggest following the instructions for the best results. 

The next day I added some NAAT Silicon Hair Polishing Serum to style my hair with my curling iron.  I made sure to use just a little and then added some after I was done styling my hair and before using my final spritz of hairspray. 

After using the nuNAAT Silicon line I have noticed my hair is much smoother and easier to style in a straight hairstyle (not all crazy and frizzy).  It also helps my curls stay more conformed and smooth. 

Overall, it is a great line! For your convenience, nuNAAT® products can be purchased through a variety of retailers, including Walgreens, Walmart, Sally Beauty Supplies, Navarro Discount Pharmacy or online at Walgreens.com, drugstore.com and sallybeauty.com.

You can learn more at the website: http://www.nunaat.com/ or visit them on Facebook or Twitter

*I received a sample for review

Introducing Koral Jeans

I am a great fan of jeans as my name is Jean!  I am like most women trying to always find the right pair that fits well and enhances one's figure. 

*Source: Koral Instagram Photo

Just wanted to let you know about a new brand named Koral.  It is the highly anticipated brainchild of David Koral and his father Peter Koral and partner Rick Crane, who built the premium denim market as we know it today with the launch of 7 For All Mankind. It is a collection of crafted denim with impeccable style and attention to detail, bringing back the true essence of a great pair of jeans: simple, but refined; stylish and sexy, but real. It is available in fine boutiques nationwide.

Koral is the first project from these denim industry icons since they sold 7FAM in 2007. The brand is making its debut with a women's denim collection for fall 2012, featuring its signature "Lived in Length" line and an assortment of fashion pieces. A men's line will launch for Spring 2013.

How exciting!  You can check out their website at: http://www.korallosangeles.com/

You can also find Koral on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Anastasia She Wears It Well Eye Shadow Palette Review

Anastasia has done it again!  Their latest makeup creation is a 20's and 30's Old Hollywood Glamour inspired makeup palette called SHE WEARS IT WELL.  The colors are divine and gorgeous.  The pictures do not do them justice.  I have included an instructional video as well if you would like to see the product in action and the amazing results. 

The SHE WEARS IT WELL palette is sold at Sephora for 34.00 (a $90.00 value).  It would make a great holiday gift for that makeup enthusiast in your life! 

For more information on Anastasia products visit their website at: http://www.anastasia.net/

*I received a sample for review.

Yes To Carrots, Cucumbers, and Blueberries Review

I recently tried some new products and would love to share my results.  I am really loving all these Yes to.. Products.  They all smell great too!

Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Softening Facial Exfoliator.  This is a great product to use in the shower.  It works especially great after wearing sunscreen all day, doing yard work and getting the grime off your face.  It is gentle enough to use everyday but I use it every other day.  I like that is left a nice moisture to my face and did not leave it feeling dry and cracked.  It smells great too!

Yes To Blueberries Deep Wrinkle Night Cream.  It is formulated with Wild Acacia, to smooth wrinkles, and Cupuacu Seed Butter to 'plump' skin, leaving it with a smooth, youthful appearance.  I use this right after the shower and it is so soothing and works overnight to repair my skin.  It did not make me break out and my skin felt supple in the morning. 

99% Natural, Free of Parabens, Phthalates and SLS

Yes To Blueberries Deep Wrinkle Filler:  This product is great for those who have a few trouble areas on their face.  I added a little of this right before I applied my makeup.  That way it could work all day!

Yes to Cucumbers Yes to Cucumbers Eye Makeup Removing Pads are the perfect thing to come home to after a long day of work (or fun).  These pads are gentle and they are hypoallergenic so you can say yes to clean and not yes to burning eyes!  I enjoyed using these each night and even cheated using a second one to remove my lipstick.  They actually exfoliated my lips and made them tingly and fresh.   They contain Calendula, Chamomile, and Organic Cucumbers.  These are a must have and I think I will buy them for all my girlfriends for their holiday makeup bags. 
99% Natural, Dermatologist Tested, Opthamologist Tested, Hypoallergenic, Non-irritating, Free of Parabens, Phthalates and SLS

Yes to Carrots Leave-In Conditioner:  My review is here.  I just wanted you all to know I am on my second bottle!  Love it.

For more information visit the website at: http://www.yestocarrots.com

* I received samples for my review.

RoC RETINOL CORREXION MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System

This Stuff was amazing!

The new RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System is a two-step kit clinically proven to be up to 4x more effective than a series of in-office peels by your dermatologist. The powerful blend of RoC® RETINOL and E-PULSE® Technology renew skin without harming surface layers, providing visible improvement to wrinkles, skin tone and sun damage.

I was very excited to try RoC for the first time.  I always saw it in the store but was hesitant to try a brand until I learned more.  My friend Lora mentioned that she uses their daily moisturizer with sunscreen.  Since she is very reliable I thought it was time to broaden my skincare horizons.  I was thoroughly impressed with RoC.  I tested their two-step RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System.

I started out with clean skin at night.  Step 1 is a creamy anti-wrinkle treatment.  It blends nicely and does not burn as some retinol products can.  It left my skin moisturized.  Right after Step 1 I applied Step 2.

Step 2 was the fun part!  It is a dark gray/silver cream and is the Resurfacing Serum.  At first I was scared to put it on but it feels so great when it's applied.  It is so smooth and feels like a primer.  * A warning that it could be addicting to keep adding more and more of Step 2 but don't be tempted.  You have to use an even amount or you will run out!
I wore the RoC Wrinkle Resurfacing System to bed and woke up looking about the same the first night.  After using it for a few weeks I noticed my skin was smoother and definitely looked more even toned.  I did not break out from this system either which is a great sign because I have sensitive skin. 
I would recommend this for anyone who has fine lines starting, skin damage or uneven skin tone.  It can be used nightly but if you are too sensitive try every other day at first.  You can learn more at their website:  http://www.rocskincare.com/
*I received a sample.

Makeup at the Gym

Looking good while you work out has never been so easy. See the products that'll last through your next sweat sesh
7 Best Makeup Picks for the Gym
This is a TotalBeauty.com makeup tips article
While it feels good to sweat in spin class, it's not as fun looking like a sweaty grease ball when class is over. And with these no-fuss, sweat-resistant products, you can look as good as you feel when your workout is over.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation Review

I fell in love with Vapour Organic Beauty products when I first tried Vapour Stratus Instant Skin Perfector  back in 2009.  I am excited to review their natural and chemical free foundations for you now.  I tried the Atmosphere Soft Focus liquid foundation and the Atmosphere Luminous foundation stick.  I enjoyed them both and here are my results:

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation
The great thing about this foundation is that it easy to apply because it has a pump and it smells heavenly.  You can just smell the blend of anti-oxidants and moisturizing botanicals that help your skin look youthful and diminish the appearance of fine lines.  The Atmosphere Soft Focus foundation has rich mineral pigments that help cover imperfections and make your skin glow. 

I used two pumps and applied with my fingertips but you can also use a makeup sponge.  I found this foundation to go on smoothly and blend in nicely.  It gave me a glowing appearance and was very light.  It almost looked like I wasn't wearing makeup but that my skin was flawless.  Kind of like the movie stars look at premieres but you know they are wearing makeup.

I used S110 and it was perfect for my light skin.

The second foundation I tested was Vapour's Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in a stick form.  I also used shade 110.  It was not too light and not too dark, just perfect.  I used this when I was running late for work and it made my makeup application go so quickly!  I literally added it on my face in ten different locations and blended it with a makeup sponge.  No powder required.  This stuff was great!  It should be listed for all moms on the go because it was so quick and easy to use.  My skin looked so good with this too!  It did not give a dewy appearance but very matte and even.  It covered all my flaws and unevenness but was not thick.  Oh and it smelled great too!  I am big into products that are natural and smell great and Vapour covers that feature so well.  I could also see throwing this in my purse for quick touch ups throughout the day.  It can be easily blended with fingertips too.

Both of these foundations are perfect for summer because they are light-weight allowing skin to breathe while creating a play of light so you look polished and naturally flawless in any situation.

Vapour Beauty is 100 percent natural and chemical free with a minimum of 70 percent certified organic ingredients to offer maximum efficacy and luxurious texture while respecting the environment and its resources.

These are available in 11 shades to match every skin tone, online at http://www.vapourorganicbeauty.com/

*I received a sample for review. 

Scunci Flower Bendini Clip Review and Giveaway

Have you noticed all the flowery prints in fashion this summer?  Flowers are a super-hot trend and you can now get that look for your hair as well!  All it takes is a simple bend and snap. I present to you the new scünci® flower bendini clip!

Here is my hair with the bendini clips:

I love these new bendini clips by scünci® because it literally takes 30 seconds to put them in and dress up your hair!  They are casual enough to wear out on a summer day of shopping or to a bbq and nice enough to wear to work maybe to dress up your casual messy bun or high ponytail. 

The scünci® flower bendini clip is available in three sizes and comes in the assorted colors: black, blue, pink, ivory, turquoise, golden yellow, coral, purple, and navy. To use the clip, start by gathering your hair in the desired style. Slide the bendini comb into the hair, and bend and snap it securely in place for an all-day hold.

If you would like to purchase one for yourself they are available at Walmart, AAFES, CVS, Giant Eagle, Harmon, Rite Aid, Schnucks, Shopko, SuperValu, Walgreens, Weis, Winn-Dixie, and other drug stores and mass market retailers for an average retail price of $4.99.

If you would like to win one set of the bendini flower clips enter by leaving a comment!  Scünci is giving away one set to a lucky Moody Maria reader.  All you have to do to enter is leave your name and email address.  Contest ends July 20, 2012 at 11:59PST.  US only.  Good Luck!

For more great styling ideas, hair accessory trends and scünci giveaways, “like” the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/scuncihair, or follow scünci on Twitter at www.twitter.com/scunciHair.

*A sample was provided for review.

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Giveaway

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Hosts “Thank You for 1,000 Fans” Sample Giveaway
Omax3 is holding a sample giveaway right now on Facebook.  The contest ends tonight so enter today!

Are you getting the highest omega-3 purity levels available? It’s important to look for (and to expect!) purity and concentration in every pill for the best health benefit, and now you can with new, pharmaceutical grade, all-natural omega-3 supplement, omax3® Ultra-Pure™

Head over to the omax3 Ultra-Pure Facebook page to celebrate their 1,000 fan milestone by entering the “Thank You for 1,000 Fans” sample giveaway. 100 lucky fans will win omax3 Ultra-Pure and will be selected and announced on July 6th. Learn more and enter the giveaway on the omax3 Facebook page, www.facebook.com/omax3.

LINK TO GIVEAWAY: http://platform.votigo.com/fbsweeps/sweeps/omax3-UltraPure-1000-Fan-Sample-Giveaway

* My review will be posted later this week.

Anti Monkey Butt Review and Giveaway

Have you ever seen Anti Monkey Butt Powder at the store?  It is definitely something that caught my attention.  First off, the logo is so cute and the little monkey makes me happy. 

So what is Anti Monkey Butt Powder?  It is anti-friction powder but is different from other body powders because it’s specially formulated with calamine. It quickly relieves itching and irritation while minimizing friction and absorbing sweat so you can keep playing or working, no matter how hot it gets outside.

Anti Monkey Butt isn't only for men either.  It can be used for anyone who does gardening, biking, hiking, rides a motorcycle, plays extreme or team sports, or chases after kids.  The uses for Anti Monkey Butt Powder are endless; try it inside your shoes, under sports pads, between your thighs or anyplace else plagued by sweat and friction.

I tried out Anti Monkey Butt Powder in my running shoes and it really did seem to help with sweat and moisture.  I sprinkled a little in my heels too since I walk so much at work.  When you walk in 100 degree heat to go get lunch, your feet get a bit sweaty.  It made them not as slippery if you know what I mean.  My boys will be sure to use it when soccer season starts and my hubby can use it in his work boots. 

Anti Monkey Butt Powder can be purchased at Walmart, Rite Aid, Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, Pilot Travel Centers, Drugstore.com, and www.antimonkeybutt.com for an SRP of $5.95. Learn more about the complete line of Anti Monkey Butt products at http://www.antimonkeybutt.com/ and join our community of passionate powder peeps following the monkey madness at http:www.Facebook.com/antimonkeybutt  If you head over and like their Facebook page you can enter the Kick Some Butt Summer Photo Sweeps. 

Would you like to win a bottle of Anti Monkey Butt Powder?  Enter here by leaving a comment with your email.  You can also enter by hitting like on Moody Maria's Facebook page on the review.  Contest ends July 9, 2012 at 11:59PST.  I will randomly pick one winner.  US and Canada residents only.  Winner has 48 hours to respond or I will pick a new winner.  Good Luck!

*I received a sample

Lash Genius Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills is full of new surprises this summer.  One of them is a brand new product that just came out this May.  It is called Lash Genius.  Lash Genius really is genius and brilliant!  This new topcoat can be applied to any mascara to make it waterproof!

This product is revolutionary because it now allows you to decide which mascara you would like to use as waterproof on any given day.  No more buying waterproof mascara for a wedding, reunions, or a day at the beach.  I don't know about you but I have wasted so much money on buying waterproof versions of my mascara only to find I lose them or forget I have them.  Lash Genius can also be used on false lashes to give them a more realistic appearance.   

I used Lash Genius this weekend and it was so nice not to have raccoon eyes while in the pool!  I also liked that it didn't make my lashes clumpy or brittle.  To use, simply apply your mascara, wait a few minutes and apply Lash Genius.  After use, simply remove with waterproof eye makeup remover.  It's that easy!

Lash Genius can be purchased at Sephora or at http://www.anastasia.net/home.php  You can follow Anastasia Beverly Hills on Twitter or use #lashgenius to tweet about this great new product. 

*I received a sample.

Before you Scrub your Face

Don't waste money on a scrub that doesn't deliver. See the scrubs you should try -- and the ones you should avoid
15 Best and Worst Face Scrubs
This is a TotalBeauty.com skin care products article
Scrubs can rid your skin of dead skin cells and deep clean your pores -- a good one that is. Our readers say the worst ones will leave your skin feeling raw and your wallet empty. Don't waste any more of your time and money on a bad scrub by checking out this list. Our readers separated the winners from the losers to bring you the best and worst face scrubs.
TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 6.9
The Worst No. 6: Burt's Bees Peach & Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub, $8
"This product leaves an oily, greasy residue on my face. It feels like I rubbed a thin layer of Crisco on my skin."
TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 6.7
The Worst No. 5: Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub, $15
"This is the messiest face scrub ever. After washing my face, I find little bits of strawberry seeds in my hair and nails."
TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 6.4
The Worst No. 4: St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub, $9.99
"I'm glad I bought this on sale because it has done nothing for my skin."

Anastasia See and Be Seen...A Sephora Limited Exclusive‏

I have an exciting review for you! Anastasia has teamed up with Sephora to offer a makeup kit with four Anastasia products and it is a great deal!  The See and Be Seen Kit has an $80 value for only $44.  It is limited though so read below and see if you will love it as much as I do!

The See and Be Seen kit includes:

Two new HydraFull Gloss colors in Heiress and Plastic. These limited edition colors were created specifically for the theme of “Make It Happen” and are not available anywhere except in the See and Be Seen Kit. Anastasia’s Hydrafull Gloss contains lip tint to maintain longer lasting color while maximizing lip hydration and fullness.

The new caramel tinted Brow Gel. Anastasia’s brow gel sets your perfect brow look with a hint of tint and is fortified with botanical hair conditioners and essential oils to keep brows feeling as great as they look.

The soft pink and golden hues of the ILLUMIN8 Shadow duo in On Set. ILLUMIN8 Eye Shadow Duos are designed to illuminate, firm, and smooth the appearance of skin while also soothing, softening and hydrating.

So what did I think?

The HydraFull glosses were amazing! The colors are so pigmented and really stand out. It is perfect for a summer party to show your fun side. It fits in with all the bright colored clothing in fashion right now too. These can also be worn over your favorite lipstick color to jazz it up a bit! It stays on really well too. I had to reapply it only after meals.

The caramel tinted brow gel was perfect for me. I have thick brows that need to be tamed and also a few stray parts that can also use a brow gel that has a hint of tint.  This brow gel also has a bit of sparkle to it but not too much.  I really like Anastasia's brow gel because it doesn't bleed or flake during the day so you don't have to worry about little brown specks falling onto your cheeks.

The ILLUMIN8 shadow set was so pretty. The soft pink matched well with the glosses and the golden color added a little sparkle to show summer is here and I am ready to have fun! When is the next pool party or BBQ?

The kit is available exclusively at Sephora and http://www.anastasia.net/. This kit will only be available for the next 3-4 weeks so you hurry to Sephora this weekend so you don't miss out!

*I received a sample for review.

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream Review

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream Review

I purchased this on a whim right before my recent vacation.  I guess I was hoping for the product to live up to it's promise of "for the look of a mini-lift each morning". 

This was my nightly routine, wash face, remove color-stay lipstick, brush teeth and put on my mini lift cream AKA Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream.  I have to admit...it was wonderful.  This product goes on so smoothly that it is hard to resist not adding a bit more here and there.  It is practically fragrance-free and it light purple.  The texture is so smooth.  Ahhhh, it felt so wonderful. 

As for results, my skin did not break out as it has in the past with other Olay products.  I don't know if my skin really looked any better but it didn't look worse.  I think this is a good staple cream to have in the house.  I will definitely buy it again!

Key Ingredients:
*I purchased this myself.

Olay Regenerist SPF 50 Review

Olay Regenerist UV Defense regenerating lotion in SPF 50.

On my recent camping trip I took along this simple sunscreen in hopes of finding a new favorite.  Here's what I thought:

When I first tried this sunscreen I was surprised that it seemed gritty.  I read some other reviews and someone else commented on this as well.  After you get over the gritty feel, the sunscreen works fairly well under makeup.  I have used sunscreen before that seemed to not hold under foundation and literally turned it into goop.  This one worked great. Oh and it doesn't smell bad.  Actually, I think it's scent-free.

As for protection, I am happy to report it worked great.  I was not in intense heat except for two days of my trip but I have to admit, I did work. 

The pump is okay.  There is nothing more annoying than waiting for a pump to work itself back up so you can pump more.  I needed about 5 pumps for my face and neck and maybe a tad more.  I kind of over do it with all lotions. 

Overall, this is a great basic sunscreen with the benefits of anti-aging but it didn't over WOW me.  I would only buy it again if it was on sale. 

*I purchased this myself.

Neova Sunscreen

Oh it's so hot here!  The worst part of the beginning of summer in Arizona is that we have a dry heat that is very similar to a blow dryer.  Add some wind and dust and we become miserable.  Soon enough relief comes when our afternoon monsoons begin to cool us down.  No matter how hot or miserable I am though,  I never forget to do wear sunscreen.  It doesn't mater how tired I am or if I am in a hurry, I always apply sunscreen to my face and body.  Oh and don't forget the kiddos! I have had a few family members with skin cancer and there is no messing around when it comes to my family's skin health. 

One brand that I would trust in a heartbeat in NEOVA.  I have used their products in the past and they are such high quality and really work.  The new NEOVA® DNA Damage Control sunscreens not only meet the highest standards for UVA/UVB photoprotection, they use breakthrough DNA repair technology to reduce visible signs of aging caused by UV rays. All three sunscreens are formulated with DNA repair enzymes that have shown to increase UV protection by 300% in one hour.

Here is the lineup:

DNA Damage Control SILC SHEER 2.0 [Broad Spectrum SPF 40] combines UVA/UVB photoprotection with the cosmetic benefit of a skin-perfecting sheer tint that evens out skin tone and works as an under-makeup primer or as a substitute foundation. Retail price: $45
DNA Damage Control EVERYDAY [Broad Spectrum SPF 44] is designed for daily protection of the face and uses transparent Zinc Oxide and advanced DNA repair technology to deliver optimal sun protection and significant anti-aging benefits. Retail price: $39

NEOVA® DNA Damage Control ACTIVE [Broad Spectrum SPF 43] is ideal for year-round, active, outdoor lifestyles; this 80-minute water-resistant formula includes zinc oxide and Vitamin C. Retail price: $46

All Neova sunscreens can be purchased at http://www.neova.com/index.aspx

Cuts from shaving in the shower can be (really) annoying. Here's how to put an end to pain and scars for good
4 Ways to Stop Getting Shaving Nicks
This is a TotalBeauty.com skin care tips article
Anyone who has ever shaved knows what it feels like to accidently cut herself -- slight shock, pain, and frustration. That's why we talked to Venus scientist Claire Girdler for the four tips that'll help you get a nick-free shave every time.


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