Hot Tootsies that Feel Oh So Nice

In Sunday's paper, there was an ad in the coupon section for saving money and how to cut costs in today's economy by Kate and Jon (from Jon and Kate plus 8). I thought many of their ideas were trivial and then decided that they didn't write them anyhow. They probably just posed for the picture. And what a cute picture it was. One of their ideas was to stay organized in your linen closets where you keep products so you don't overbuy. I didn't think I had that issue, until I noticed a brand new foot scrub in my cabinet. I was so excited. A new product for Moody Maria!
The product I found was Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment. This stuff was awesome! First off, the scrub came out easily, when I rubbed it on my hands it heated up immediately and I swear it made my feet feel softer and clean when I got out of the shower. I purposely did not use my pumice stick in the shower so I could feel the actual results.

The scrub has Bora-Bora white sand which was much more course than the AVON thermal scrub for your face. It worked well on my feet, didn't melt as sugar scrubs do and washed off the shower floor fairly easily.

The scrub also has shea butter which will leave your feet moisturized, but don't be fooled, it is recommended that you also use your own foot lotion after bathing.

I will definitely buy this product again and look for coupons or sales. It is listed at $9.99 on but I can guarantee you that I didn't pay that much.

Good luck and remember that Kate has some good ideas...or at least her spokesperson does. Clean out your closets and quit wasting money on products you already me!

The Pink Ribbon Collection

Estée Lauder is getting involved in the fight against breast cancer.

Your purchase of any product from the Pink Ribbon Collection will help Estée Lauder donate $500,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. BCRF is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research in North America.

Here are the items they have in the Pink Ribbon Collection:

For more information, see their website at

Winners to Spitz Giveaway Contest

Here are the winners to the Spitz Sunflower Seed Contest. The first 40 winners will win the 6 flavors (Spicy, Seasoned, Chili Lime, Original, Dill and BBQ) in a 0.7 oz package and the second 40 winners will win Spicy and Chili Lime.

First Place winners: Windy Cindy, Bridgett from Queen Creek, Mel's Mom, Anna from St. Louis, Mike G. (Wyoming), Brad, Bri-Bri from Marana, Jason Fulton, Karrie from Gilbert, Lisa S. from North Aurora, Jack from Laramie, Joey S. from Batavia, Erica P. from Tucson, Ryan from Tucson, Gem C., Tlea, LW from work, Carole S. from North Aurora, Jeff Sortino, Steve Louis, Joey C. from Tucson, Your Boss, Charlotte, Carol Ann D., Rose from Aurora, Chloe C. from Aurora, Colleen, Annie, Jessica, Brian from Aurora, Bob. L from Illinois, Maryann, James K. from Tucson, Sue Lady, Reva S., Andrea from Willcox, Justin from Willcox, Jean (Cubbies fan), Julie and the boys, and windwalkersteve.

Second Place winners: Karena V, Rosemary H.,Ryan S. (Queen Creek), Eric Burke, Steven V., Frank A., Trevor K., Leila, James F. from Tucson, Caleb S. from Queen Creek, Kylie P. from SLCity Utah, Kathleen K., Chris Burke, Chuck D., Skinny Dude, Zach E., Patsy R., Estella, Chris E., Marco, Donna from Tucson, Scotty from Tucson, Ben P., James B., BMD from Pinetop, Dave J., Dennis P., Rita from Arizona, Toby from Tucson, JB from Vail, Craig L., Yettie from Tucson, Mary Beth Jones (Il), Bob S. from Tucson, Chris T. from TV Valley, Dwayney, Emily from Tucson, Amy from Tucson, Luke from Tanque Verde Valley, and Kelly G. from Tucson.

Please send me your address if I don't already have it. You can email me at Thanks for entering and thank you again to Spitz for sponsoring this awesome contest!

I am sure everyone will enjoy their sunflower seeds and you can continue to enjoy them by purchasing them at the locations found at their website:

Old Navy Fall Forecast

It's still really hot in Arizona, but it is fun to think about cold weather. I dream about bundling up to brave the cold outdoors, suffering to get from the car to my house, only to rush inside and find a pot of hot coffee brewing and a crackling fire. I think I was supposed to live in Wisconsin and not here! Our winters are more like, "Should I wear a light jacket or just wing it?" People from the Midwest come here and wear shorts all year long.

Along with dreaming, comes online shopping. I browsed the Old Navy site to find some of their latest Fall creations. Here are some that stood out to me:

A metallic cami, perfect for under a jacket for work and for dining out afterwards.

This wool coast is so adorable and preppy. I think it would be flattering on any figure.
Here is a "fancy" version of a velour sweatsuit to pick up the kids, to run out to Target or to meet a friend for coffee. Just make sure to wear some really cute athletic shoes (think Pumas or Nike Shox), do your hair and makeup and carry an oversized purse.

And finally, a cute alternative to wearing "grubbies" around the house. Some men complain about women wearing baggie sweats and big t-shirts. What guy wouldn't like to see you in this number?

And last but not least, everyone needs a little metallic in their life to shock people. I am thinking if I wore this to work, I would never live it down. On second thought, I think I will go out and buy it tomorrow.

Happy shopping!

Makeup Sponge Mission

I am currently obsessed with finding the perfect makeup sponge. I have purchased mine at Sally Beauty Supply for the past 10 years. Each time I go to buy one, they either have one or none left. I buy the large size of the Face Secrets Professional Foundation Round Sponge. They sell the small size in a bag (which I don't like) or the large size in an individual package for about $1.19 or so. I would be willing to pay about $5.00 for the large size because these sponges last so long and they work great!

I have tried the cheap triangles and they just don't work for me. I have also tried the red sponge type and it was horrible! The small sponges that come in makeup compacts don't work for everyday use - only in travel or work situations. I have also read that the best way to apply your foundation is with your fingers. I know some MAC experts prefer to use brushes to apply foundation. This sounds a little messy to me and very time consuming when you think of cleaning and maintaining those brushes.

Do you have a foundation applicator that works for you?? I am on a mission to find the perfect applicator and let everyone know.

A Cheap Version of Slap and Dash

Revlon Age Defying Makeup and Concealer Compact with Botafirm Oil Free SPF 20, (my color: Ivory Beige)

I found this makeup at my new favorite store, CVS and got it for $4! They were offering bonus bucks and I couldn't pass it up. I mean, how bad could it be? I was running out of my very pricey Bobbi Brown and wanted to try something new to prove to myself how great the Bobbi Brown was.

Turns out, this stuff is pretty darn good! I noticed right away that it matched my skin tone perfectly (or at least I thought) and the coverage was a little heavier than the Bobbi Brown, didn't make my skin appear greasy and lasted throughout the day better. I know that Bobbi Brown likes to have "natural" looking makeup, but maybe the "slap and dash" I bought was too natural for me. I have always purchased her bottle foundation and maybe I should try that again.

For now, I will use up this awesome compact and continue to decide if it really works for me. The true test is what my mom says. If she mentions my skin, I will know it's a winner! She is the most honest person when it comes to your makeup. Maybe that is how I became so darn picky and moody!

This is what the company says:

Expertly coordinated makeup and concealer blend for a smooth, seamless finish.
Botafirm™* - infused formulas help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (*Botafirm™ is Revlon's trademark for a line-inhibiting complex of botanicals and hexapeptide.)

A Scrub that won't make you Cry!

If you are looking for a new gentle cleanser that will also exfoliate, I may have found your match. I purchased the L'Oreal Skin Genesis Deep Purifiying Foaming Cream Cleanser a few weeks ago and have been loving it. I use it every other day along with my Revitalift cleanser. It is so nice to have these easy to use soaps in my shower. I just hate using pump soaps in the shower. Although, the Skin Genesis line also has a pump gel I may have to try! The saleswoman at CVS said it smells great and works well too.

This cleanser smells good, does not have an awful taste, doesn't burn my skin as some exfoliating cleansers can and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. It is especially nice after a long workout or after working in the yard. You feel really clean! Also, a little goes a long way so I can see this lasting me quite a long time. I don't know if this will remove your makeup because I don't dare use it on my actual eyelids. I use my gentle removers for that delicate area before and after the shower.

I got mine on sale at CVS and used the in store coupon. I would wait until you see it on sale and check it out. I don't think you will be disappointed.

This is what the L'Oreal says about it:

New, Daily Cellular Renewal for Smoother, Brighter, Fresher Skin
-With Gentle Clay & Polishing Micro-Beads
-Dermatologist tested for gentleness
-Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)

All skin types
Now, your daily cleanser helps you create smoother, brighter, fresher skin! Introducing,
Skin Genesis Deep Purifying Foaming Cream Cleanser.With gently purifying clay and micro-beads, it deep cleans skin and gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving skin purified and residue free.

With BHA and micro-beads, naturally enhances daily cellular renewal to provide smoother, brighter and refresher skin, while complementing your daily Skin Genesis regimen.
Containing a natural cleansing agent, it gently deep-cleans skin and respects natural skin moisture balance.

The Emmy Awards- My Favorite Fashions

Christina Applegate showed so much strength attending this first public event since breast cancer treatment and surgery. She looked stunning.

Debra Messing looked amazing in black and highlighted her gorgeous red curls. Perfect!

Felicity Huffman showed off a new hairdo and showed off her strong physique in this silver dress. She is a runner and an inspiration.

Kristin Chenoweth is so amazing and talented. It is no surprise that she can also pull off a form-fitting dress such as this one. She is currently on "Pushing Daisies" but I love her role in the Broadway musical, Wicked!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of my all-time favorites. I think I would have loved this more with her curly hair but I guess she went for the glam look tonight.

Brooke Shields looks more amazing each year!

Only one suggestion- darker lipstick and possibly a bigger hairdo to balance the bland colored dress with the pale skin. Don't get me wrong, this dress is gorgeous. It is so feminine and perfect for her figure. She looks like a princess.

Who did you like?

Friday Finds at Target

Target has some awesome little and big purses right now. I just checked their website and some are even on clearance! They may not be on clearance at all store locations yet. I have found that each store does their clearances at different times and prices. My friends have found this to be true as well.
These purses all have free shipping with a minimum purchase! What could be better? I know, someone buying it for you.

BotkierBotkier for Target® Wristlet in Gunmetal $13.99 (reg. price $19.99)

Botkier for Target® Hobo Bag - Silver $34.99 (reg. $49.99) also comes in Gold

Botkier for Target® Clutch - Fuchsia $13.99 (reg $19.99)

Botkier for Target® Satchel - Black $34.99 (reg. $49.99)

The Curls are Coming - but not for Katie

Katie needs an intervention. This hair is just not working for her. I just read an article that curly hair is coming back - long or short. I don't think this length would hold any curl. Katie has awesome style and I am thoroughly impressed that she wears a new outfit and shoes each day, but why the hair? Is she wearing a wig in her new play and this works for her? Is she really that busy that she doesn't have time for hair? I seriously can't believe that she thinks this looks good.

This picture was attached to an article in Just Jared:

Think Leighton Meester. Now that's a hairdo!

Or Eva Mendes in the October issue of Elle. She looks incredible. Read all about it at Just Jared.

What hairdo do you think will be in for this fall season? Do you like curly better than straight? Do you think men prefer it?

More Metallic from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown has just come out with a new limited edition eyeshadow palette for the Fall featuring the hot new metallics! It is called the Shimmering Nudes Palette and offers nude shadows that will be sure to flatter all complexions. It has a combination of high-shimmer Metallic and soft, pearlized Shimmer Wash Eye Shadows - and Espresso Eye Shadow to line eyes and add drama. As always, it includes a dual-ended Eye Shadow/ Eye Liner Brush for professional application.

I have the brown and natural palette and use mine daily. I think this will be quite an investment if you use these colors in your daily routine. At $50 it is quite an investment!

Now my Friends will be HIP!

I posted awhile back about the L'Oreal HIP Pure Pigment shadow sticks and how I loved them. Last week, I went to Target to pick out a new color and was horrified when I couldn't find them. Then I looked at Walmart and no such luck! I was so disappointed. How could L'Oreal stop making them when I loved them so much?

No fear girls - they still make them and they are alive and kicking at your local CVS or Ulta store. I was so excited that I purchased 3! I bought a brown color, a green and a blue. I decided to spread the wealth and share them with 3 Moody readers; Ann, Carol and Trisha. I instructed them that they are to use their product and get back to me with a short review. I am hoping they have the same luck as I did.

Do you want to do a review for Moody? Let me know what products would interest you and maybe I will choose you next!

If you want to read the review I wrote previously, you can find it here:

Weekend To Do List: Get L'Oreal Cleanser

I am following up on a product that I used and loved in this post. It is called L'Oreal RevitaLift Radiant Smoothing Cream Cleanser.

I used the entire container and after using a different cleanser, I ran out to CVS today and bought some more! It was not only on sale, but they were offering a off coupon for $1 off at the display and a $5.99 credit of CVS bucks. I usually don't keep up with those offers, but I remember some awesome moms from Phoenix telling me about how great this program was and how it can really save you money. I figure with all of the beauty products I purchase, I better cut corners somewhere.

So get to CVS today and buy some cleanser! In addition, I purchased the L'Oreal Skin Genesis Purifiying Foaming Cream Cleanser. It smelled so good and the pink packaging sucked me in! I will be reviewing that later this week.

Anastasia to the Rescue

I have been looking for three years for a product like this! Lancome used to make a powder eyeliner with an applicator such as this one. The powder is actually inside and as you use the applicator, it comes out little by little. Mine lasted for over a year! I saved it as an example but it looks like someone else picked up on their idea.

This product is called Anastasia Brow Filler and I got mine at Ulta (Sephora carries it too). It costs $18-20 and has two sides. The filler offers blonde on one end and brunette on the other. The unique formula comes out slightly damp so it can adhere to the skin. I hope they carry this product in an eyeliner soon and use blues and greens. I would buy one in every color.

This product is actually for your brows but I used it as an eyeliner and it worked great. I used the darker side under my eyes and then the lighter color on my brows. It worked effectively and I was quite pleased with the results. The darker shade is not very dark though, but you could use it as a base for another eyeliner. I actually tried this today with the lighter color. I used a small amount as a base and then added a little of my L'Oreal Hip pigment stick and it turned out really nice. Not too dark for the daytime either. After all, who wants to show up at preschool and be the mom decked out in dark makeup? "It's not a fashion show", as my mom would always say.

L'Oreal Feria takes the Panic out of Home Coloring

My grays were showing again and it was time to touch them up. I didn't want to ruin my hair since I have been getting it done professionally but I also didn't want to wait! I ran to Target and with the help of my 3 year old, picked out a hair color. I recalled a post that Beauty in Real Life did and chose L'Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour with 3x Highlights. I loved the results that their models had and decided to give it a try.

I am glad I chose this brand. The product had a great smell (for hair color) and it was easy to mix together. It was pretty thick and I think this was the first time I didn't have a little mess to clean up. The applicator made it easy to apply to just the right spots. I left the color on for only 15 minutes because when I looked in the mirror, it looked a bit black and I panicked! I have a family event to attend this weekend and didn't want to show up with black hair. It turns out I could have left it on for 5 more minutes.

I quickly washed it with my Thermafuse shampoo for color treated hair and used the conditioner that was included in the box. It was a great conditioner and left my hair feeling soft and moist - not too soft though.

Turns out, the color was great! The next day I saw my friend Erica and we were talking outside in the sunlight. She actually said, "I love your hair color". I couldn't believe she noticed it! I told her I had just done it the night before and she couldn't believe I did my own hair.

I would definitely recommend this product if you are coloring your own hair. It left my hair feeling healthy and the color was perfect.

Spitz Sunflower Seed Giveaway

Here it is folks - a contest for everyone!

When I come across a product I love, beauty-related or not, I feel the need to tell everyone. That is the case with Spitz Sunflower Seeds. I recently tried this nutritious little snack from a friend and co-worker, Justin. Sure, I have tried other sunflower seeds in the past, but there was something different about this brand. First off, they were flavored. Secondly, they weren't as salty as other brands. I ran off to the store to locate them and couldn't find the exact flavor in that brand (spicy). I emailed Spitz right away and they were quick to respond. They told me exactly where to find them in my town. Their website, is also full of information. They have recipes, nutritional information and an online store in which you can purchase seeds.

I was thrilled when Spitz offered to sponsor a contest. Not only could I enjoy some more Spitz Sunflower Seeds but I can share them with everyone and prove to you how good they are compared to other brands! They were very generous and now you can benefit.

The first place winners will win a sampler pack of their 6 flavored sunflower seeds (0.7 oz package). The flavors include: Salted, Spicy, Chili Lime, Seasoned, Dill Pickle and Smoky BBQ. The second place prize winners will win a pair of Spicy and Chili Lime.

There will be 40 first place winners and 40 second place winners!

To enter, leave a comment here (it can be anonymous as long as you leave a first name and the name of your city or state) to enter once. To receive 5 additional entries, you can add this contest to your blog (via entry or sidebar) and send me a link. If you don't have a blog, you can email 10 people and include me ( to get those 5 entries. The contest ends at midnight on 9/26/08 and the winners will be announced on 9/27/08.

Thank you for entering and thank you to Spitz for sponsoring this contest.

For more information on Spitz Sunflower Seeds and their other products, visit their website:

Rules: This contest is for US residents only. If you win, you have until 10/2/08 to contact me with your mailing address or I will have to pick another winner. Additional comments will not get you additional entries into the contest. Email me if you have any additional questions.

*This is not a paid advertisement. I contacted Spitz based on brand loyalty.

Bausch and Lomb's Pink Campaign

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I will be highlighting some of the great ways you can help in the fight against breast cancer and get involved. You can also visit for more information.

Bausch and Lomb has recently teamed up with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to raise up to $400,000 (with a minimum guaranteed $300,000) for the organization. Each time you redeem a coupon for ReNu MultiPlus Solution, Bausch and Lomb will donate $1. If you have already made a purchase, simply enter that code and they will donate $1. The website is

For every coupon printed or code redeemed at the website, you will be entered into the sweepstakes to win a limited edition CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements contact lens case with 646 hand-applied crystal components (valued at $350). The winnners will be announced in November.

If you want to learn more about the fight against breast cancer, visit

Halloween Giftbag offer from Avon

It is time to start thinking about Halloween!

Avon is having a sale that is good for Mom and good for the kiddies. They are offering a ghost gift bag for only $2.99 when you purchase select items. There are so many good items on sale right now at AVON, just too many to mention! Also, if you shop at Colleen's site, you get free shipping.

This would be the perfect little bag to fill with some goodies for a preschool or grade school teacher. It would also be perfect for a co-worker that you appreciate or a crazy one you want to keep on your good side. You know who I am talking about!

My favorite line at AVON is the Solutions line. Right now they have buy one at regular price (or sale price) and get one at $1.99. Here are some I highly recommend:

Hydra-Radiance Intensive Nutrient Night Serum $12.50
Moisture 24 Long-lasting Hydrating Cream $5.00 right now!

For online shopping and free shipping check out Colleen Kinstle's AVON website at:


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