Caudalie Divine Oil Review

The first post of exciting! I am using my husband's IPad, sitting by the fire, and watching my kids play with Legos and watch Disney channel. The show, "Shake it Up" is actually pretty good! Anyhow, back to beauty!

I purchased my first Caudalie product from Sephora in December. I have been using the Divine Oil for a few weeks now. My skin is really dry and is craving moisture. I did a quick search on Sephora's website for facial oils. You would be amazed at how many exist! I decided to go with Caudalie because I remember Gwyneth Paltrow recommended this brand. I have a few idols and Gwynnie is among them.

I mentioned my dry skin. Well it was at the point of peeling when I applied foundation. I first used a cleansing powder in the shower and then quickly applied the Caudalie Divine Oil on my face, neck, and chest. It comes in a glass jar with a spray pump. I was worried I would drop it but thankfully haven't yet.

The oil is oh so divine. It smells great, feels great, and didn't make me break out at all. I admit I could use a bit more moisture but this stuff is wonderful. I just noticed the travel size is in sale so I might get another. I purchased mine in a travel kit that is now sold out. The large size is $48 which I would never buy. It does seem to last though. Despite the grooves in the bottle- be cautious and never store this standing upright in case it falls out of your cabinet onto a tile floor.  You may find yourself sopping it up with tears in your eyes.  I have mine in a drawer at an angle so it won't seep out and is easily accessible.

I am excited to now try some other Caudalie products. I am sure Gwynnie would be proud. I think her brother lives in my town so you never know when I might run into her!

Happy New Year!


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