Clarins One-Step Cleanser Review

Clarins One-Step Facial Cleanser with Orange Extract

I received this "Tonic Express" from Clarins in a travel kit from my recent purchase at  Seriously, why would I need a facial cleanser with orange extract?  Why would I need a cleanser that contained Moringa seed extract?  The funny thing about testing beauty products is that you don't know what you need until you have been introduced to it.  Then when you fall in love with a product you wonder how you ever lived without it? 

Let me tell you the reasons I love this product:
- great scent
-gentle on my sensitive skin
- removes "all day lip color"
- removes all eye makeup and does NOT BURN my eyes!
- no need to rinse off
- creates a canvas on my skin for my moisturizer/makeup
- I can bring it on my camping trips when water is not readily available
- I can use it after long hours at work and still follow the cardinal rule of always removing makeup before bed.

Reasons I don't love this product:
- a little pricey at $32 for 6.8 fl oz
DISCLAIMER: A little goes a long way and it can last for months.

One thing I learned after using the product for a few days is to shake well before use and use these directions as listed on the Clarins website: Soak a cotton pad and begin by gently dabbing over face to dislodge impurities. Turn pad over and gently smooth over face. No need to rinse off.
So, if you are thinking of getting a travel kit from Clarins - get the one that contains this cleanser.  I would suggest at least getting on the mailing list for Clarins so you receive their amazing offers and "like" them on Facebook.  You won't be sorry.

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anna said...

Sounds great...I'll have to check it out. Nice review!


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