Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunblock Review

My kids were invited to their first swim party of the year and it was time to replenish our sunscreen supply.  After all, we live in sunny Arizona and sunscreen is a must at all times of the year. 

I happened to notice this new kid's sunscreen at my local CVS.  It was on sale, so I gave it a go.  It turned out to be great!  It actually stayed on my kids during pool play but also during multiple rides down the water slide. 

I thought I would bring it to Disneyland too.  Even though it is for "wet" use, would it work just as well in dry times?  I used it on the entire family and guess what?  None of us got sun burnt on our 7 day trip! It was amazing.  We almost used the entire bottle.  It was so easy to apply and fun to use.  My favorite part was spraying my husband's legs and him jumping and saying, "Can you warm it up first?" 

I was pretty excited to find it on sale at Safeway this week.  There was also a $2.00 off coupon on Neutrogena's site if you signed up for emails.  Oh my love of great sunscreen and coupons - a great combination! 

Another thing I liked about this sunscreen, it was not too greasy on my hands after I rubbed it on my arms.  I also didn't get that sticky sunscreen feeling when I apply to my arms and legs.  It seemed to soak in nicely and not stain my clothes.

As I said, I bought a new supply to last all summer.  Thanks Neutrogena.  Just another way to help me face this intense summer heat.  Did I mention it's over 100 degrees with no rain in sight?


Bridgett said...

I just got 2 bottles of this at target. Glad to hear its a good sunscreen! My kids are living in the pool with this heat wave.

Lora said...

Thank you for the tip! We're always looking for new ones.


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