Eucerin Everyday Protection Lotion Review

Admit it, you forget your sunscreen don't you?  You are only going to be outside for a few minutes and then you see a neighbor, start talking and a few minutes turns into an hour.  Even if you are going out for a short walk, to clean the pool, or to grab some groceries, your skin needs protection.

I recently tried two new products from Eucerin's Everyday Protection line - the SPF 15 body lotion and the SPF 30 face lotion. 

I will be the first to admit that I usually don't use a sunscreen on my legs if I am just out and about.  Eucerin has made it so easy for me now with this Everyday Body Lotion with SPF 15.  It is just enough and not enough to make me feel like I am using sunscreen.  This lotion has a great pump, easy to use, and goes on smooth- not greasy!  I am a Eucerin convert now with it's lotion consistency.  The "other" brand goes on a little thick and feels like it is clogging my pores.  Eucerin is lighter and goes on smoother.

Everyday Protection Face Lotion with SPF 30.  Write it down on your shopping list!  This face lotion is perfect because it has the SPF 30 (which is great for everyday use) and has a slick pump applicator.  How easy can it be?  Eucerin is Dermatologist tested too so you can trust this product on your sensitive skin.  I loved how this sunscreen (for my sensitive skin) went on smoothly and did not make my face greasy after wearing it all day in our humid monsoon season.  I am not one of those women who can go out in public without foundation, so a sunscreen HAS to work with my foundation.  This one worked so well that I didn't have to use a foundation primer.  I have to admit, my husband tried to snag this product from me too since he is running low on sunscreen.   

I encourage you to pay special attention to your skin care health in August (and all throughout the year) and take the Skin FIRST Pledge.  For every pledge made, Eucerin will make a donation to Healthy Women, the nation's leading independent health information resource for women.

Head on over to Eucerin's Facebook page and find more information on skin health.  You can also get a complimentary product by taking the Skin FIRST Pledge on the Facebook page through the Skin FIRST tab. 

And last but not least, put on your sunscreen!

*I received a sample for this review.

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