Anti-Aging Tips..Think like Grandma

Why have things become so complicated in the Anti-Aging world?  As I read about all the new technology for facial creams, facial procedures, and "lunchtime face lifts" my head spins.  I can't seem to keep up and I can't seem to find the exact right solution.

It brings me to think, "How did my Grandma do it?"  When she was in 80s, she aged gracefully and continued to wear her infamous pink lipstick until her last day.

I recently asked my mother how she took care of her skin and she laughed.  Seriously?  She couldn't believe I was trying to get Grandma's secret to Anti-aging.   Soap, Water, and moisturizer.  That's it.  She used cold cream and/or petroleum jelly from the drugstore.  Nothing special and nothing high maintenance.  Grandma ate what she wanted - healthy, homemade meals.  She didn't "work out" at a gym, she ran around after her 7 kids.  She didn't smoke, drink, or stay up too late.  She did what was sensible.  She was a hard working woman who lived life to the fullest and didn't have time to worry too much about wrinkles.  Yet, she looked beautiful in her 80's.

My suggestion for Anti-Aging is to simplify your life and your beauty routine.

- Drinks lots of water
- Eat everything but in moderation.  Include lots of colorful fruits and vegetables.
- Move, move, and never sit still until bedtime of course
- Get close to 8 hours of sleep each night
- Live life - Nurture your friendships, get involved, and give back to your community.
- Keep a simple beauty routine morning and night.  Gentle cleanser and moisturizer from the drugstore.  And never go outside without your sunscreen!

And there you have it.  


Carol Sue said...

I so agree, keep your skin care simple. The world of anti-aging and all the products is overwhelming. Think natural skin care or DIY skin care recipes. Good article - keep it simple! Complete Skin Care Therapy

Antoinette Molloy said...

It's amazing how your grandma maintained her looks. Skin care especially facial care will depend on how a person will maintain it. Following these tips is not a bad idea if you want to maintain your skin longer.


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