Fashionable at Work this Summer with Modest Clothing

I was brought up in a fairly conservative household.  I was brought up to wear modest clothing.  It was frowned upon wearing tight jeans, revealing shirts, or too much makeup. I think this solid foundation my parents set for me has helped me in working world.

At the beginning of my career, I struggled with what to wear to work. One day I was a college student wearing sweat pants and the next day I was working full time with people wearing business suits. My first job was casual but I always kept in mind what the books said, "dress for the job you want to have, not the one you do have." This is something that I have tried to keep in the back of my mind while shopping or dressing for work.  I think it's important to be fashionable but also to not be revealing.  After all, you want people to look at you and not focus on your clothing. 

Reese Witherspoon - always modest yet conservative.

In the summer people naturally wear less clothing and show more skin.  At work, this is not acceptable but there are solutions to being modest yet fashionable in the summer.  Business suits can be plain boring but they don't have to be.  Dress them up with colorful sleeveless tops underneath, a lace camisole, flowery spring scarves, or colorful high heels.  If you choose to wear a skirt make sure it is below the knees.  If you wear a dress that crosses in front, make sure to pin it appropriately so it doesn't open for the whole world to view.  Also, make undergarments your friend by using spandex to make your pants and skirts fit better and show off a more refined figure.  Always focus on your hair and makeup and choose to show off you instead of your body. 

As for shoes, do not choose shoes you would wear to a nightclub or a wedding.  There are work shoes and there are "those kind of shoes."  Make sure your feet are well maintained.  I am sorry, but there is nothing worse than a half polished foot wearing really nice peep toe shoes. 

Some of my favorite celebrities that dress modestly yet fashionable are: Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Garner, Savannah Guthrie, Ashley Olsen, Diane Keaton, and Jennifer Aniston.  These woman are very focused on their fashion and style yet they know they don't have to show too much to gain attention. 

Kate Middleton makes modesty beautiful!

Natalie Portman
Jennifer Garner - a modest mother of three and career woman.
 I hope these tips help this summer for dressing modestly yet fashionable in the work place.   It will pay off to work hard and dress right. 

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Marian said...

All very elegant women who have their own style. It's not something you can teach!


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