Spring Break Update and Style

Happy Easter!  I haven't been posting too much lately because I was on Spring Break with my kiddos and hubby.  I got to visit Sephora and I have some new reviews coming. 

Hope everyone is having a great Spring so far!

Here is a little of what I saw in Disneyland....colorful outfits by brothers trying to gain attention.  I think after I took their picture they gave each other a high five.  Seriously though, lots of leggings, tanks, Lulumon, bright colors, and Tom's shoes.  LOTS OF LEGGINGS!  It's funny that a lot of people wearing black skin tight leggings and they shouldn't be.  I got to see a lot of cellulite and panty lines.  Ugh. 

These were the most popular Toms I saw women and girls wearing. 

Side braids still very much in style. 

Fun times! Hope everyone else had a great Spring Break!

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Butternut Boutique said...

We LOVE our Toms around here! :) Ella has the pink sparkle, and I have the charcoal gray Classic Toms.


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