Max Factor Review

I recently tried Max Factor's Vivid Impact Lip color. Wow, this stuff is awesome! It really gives MAC a run for it's money. The lip color goes on smoothly with one application and has lasting power! I ended up using the color that the quiz recommended and it was great! It was fun to try a different shade and not my usual coral, brown shades.

I highly recommend this new lipstick!

I took the quiz and this is what I got for a result: Your ideal Vivid Impact Lip Color- Ms. Understood

Wild, moody, unpredictable? None of the above. If anyone understands you most, it's you. Part fashion junkie, part socialite, you love doing your own thing most, like experimenting with signature shades (of the week). Keep this little vibrant little violet-pink number, one of 20 hydrating shades, on call for days when you feel all smiles. Take the quiz by clicking here.

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