Winners of Pity Party Polish Contest

Oh my goodness! It was so hard to pick a winner for this contest. I really felt pain for some of you and wish I could afford to buy everyone OPI! I picked 3 winners for the OPI and have 3 runner-up winners that will receive a surprise gift!

Here are the winners of the OPI:

Moody Annie

Moody BZ - sorry to hear all that's going on!

Katrina- your story made me laugh!

Here are the second runner-up winners that will receive a surprise gift:

DY in Mesa (I have had Costco hot dog dates too!)

Woman having her 25th Anniversary this weekend
Susan - I am sure you look great!

Email me your shipping address and the color you desire. If you don't know what color to choose, give me a color you like and I will pick it out for you! My email is moodymaria (@)

I will be having more contests in June so check back!

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