Chapstick True Shimmer

I have mentioned in the past that my name in high school was "lipstick queen" and it's something that makes me proud. It's kind of a family thing. My mom would never let me leave the house without wearing lipstick. She said it made me look "washed out." In my grandmother's final year with Alzheimer's disease, she still proudly wore her lipstick. I remember her on the flight back to Illinois for my grandfather's funeral. I will never forget that precious moment when she pulled a tube of lipstick out of her pocket and had me apply that bright pink color to her lips.

All these years later, a nice solution from Chapstick. Their new True Shimmer would be a great compromise for those who don't want to wear lipstick but still need moisture and a little sparkle. True Shimmer provides moisture, shimmer, and an illusion of color. I feel so bare without lipstick, but with True Shimmer, I can get a subtle amount of color and it feels great! It will work great to wear to the gym, breakfast, work, or just to cruise to the library and grab a few books. You never know who you will see, right?

True Shimmer is great for those who don't want to spend too much on lip balm/lip color too. At only $2.79 (on it is very reasonably priced. It comes in four distinct colors with awesome scents. Flavors Available: Botanical Berry, Peppermint Rush, Tropical, and Blended Fruit Sherbet

With a name like Chapstick, how can you go wrong? I am sure Grandma Vani would approve.

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