When you turn old, buy yourself some youth.

Happy Birthday to me. I broke down and bought some super expensive (in my book) eye cream. The saleslady was from Illinois and was a mom of a 2 year old boy - how could I not trust her?
I purchased Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex. You only add three small dots under each eye twice a day. This is where I have to hold back and keep repeating in my head, "less is more."

I used it last night and my eyes are still puffy.......but, I will give it a chance! Reports to follow.

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Anonymous said...

I use to sell lauder and have used a couple jars of this cream. I never really saw a difference. Now, the serum for face I swear by!! Advance Night Repair face serum, three drops before my moisturizer and it really boosts hydration. Ask for a sample next time your at the counter, they usually always have one around from gift.
Bridgett Z


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