Need a new Curling Iron?

Find the right tool to give you perfect spirals

Best and Worst Curling Irons
Even if you rarely curl your hair, a good curling iron is always nice to have in your bathroom. It's an easy way to spruce up your look and can even double as a flat iron in a pinch. So to find your perfect iron, check out these reviews from readers. They told us which will give swoon-worthy curls -- and which will just leave your hair fried. average reader rating: 6

"[It] makes my hair dry … plus the handle and the whole rest of the machine gets just as hot as the barrel …" average reader rating: 8

The Best: No. 8: TIGI Hardcore Curl Stick, $99.95
It "gives more natural-looking results than a curling or flat iron … hello, imperfectly perfect curls!" average reader rating: 8.3

"It shuts off automatically … no longer do I leave home and wonder if the house might burn down …"

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