Brushlove's New Line of Ceramic Tools

Brushlove is now offering a new line of Brushlab Pure Ceramic Hair Styling Tools.  I had the opportunity to test out this new brush by Brushlab.  First off, I love that it is ceramic so it does not lead to damage from heat styling.  Secondly, I liked the point on the end, so I could easily section off my next piece of hair to style.  And lastly, I loved the bristles because they gripped my thick hair so well.  This brush really was a breeze to use and could work well with any type of hair. 

You can purchase this brush at or they are available at your local ULTA store.  Hmmh... just in time for Valentine's Day?  Maybe you could show your hair a little Brushlove?

*This review was made possible by a sample provided to me by a company representative.

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