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I have found a company that can answer so many of my beauty product answers.  It's called Skin Actives and it is located right here in Arizona.  Their website is and their blog address is

To their loyal following, they are called "SAS" for Skin Actives Scientifics in the forums.  And believe me, there is a reason they have a huge fan club.  Their products actually work!

Lately, I have been using products that I see in advertisements or reviews and throwing caution to the wind.  It wasn't until I found the Skin Actives website that I realized, there is a rhyme and reason to each skin product.  The Skin Actives website is a huge resource for skin care information.  Not only do they provide wonderful skin care products for your every need, they have a forum with reviewers and customers that give their honest feedback and suggestions.  You can actually ask skin questions and the participants will help you out! 

Now you ask, "What is Skin Actives?"  Skin Actives is a skin care company that is home to customized skin care.  At Skin Actives, you can purchase premade products or you can purchase individual actives that will make up whatever you want!  They sell a canvas base cream and you can add actives to it. For example, they have a depuffing eye active called "dePuff for Eyes Concentrate" that you can add to your eye cream or gel.  You can actually order a kit to make your own cream that is similar to La Mer.  The possibilities are endless.  I have kept my purchases mainly to premade products but will dare to venture into the DIY skincare realm soon.

To learn more, visit their website and click on the green links on the top of the site.  "Find Actives in your Favorite Brand" is one of my favorite links under Information.  This will tell you what products they have that are similar to expensive brands.  "Find Actives to Suit your Needs" will help you locate which product will work for you.

Did I mention their prices are so reasonable?  At Skin Actives they save money by not investing on fancy advertising or packaging and passing the savings on to the customer.  The shipping cost is $6 within the US so order more than one product at a time.  They also sell their products on Ebay so you can see the great feedback they have received.

Each time I have ordered a product from Skin Actives, I receive it within 2 days and it is always packaged neatly and arrives just as described.  Keep in mind; some of their products need to be kept in the refrigerator because some do not contain preservatives (which is actually a good thing). So read your labels when you receive your product or you can ask before ordering. 

To give each product the attention it deserves, I will be reviewing each product I have tested in a separate post.  I will tell you that the first product I tried is still my favorite.  It is called Mitochondrial Booster Cream.  It is yellow and contains these key ingredients: plant mitochondria, Coenzyme Q10, R-alpha lipoic acid, acetyl carnitine, niacinamide, resveratrol, riboflavin, creatine pyruvate, thiamine, glutathione, coconut endosperm, sea kelp bioferment, superoxide dismutase.  This product was the one that did it for me.  I was hooked.  My skin turned smooth and clear overnight!  It is one of the products that needs to be refrigerated but I do not mind AT ALL and have replaced my butter compartment with SAS products.  My skin is so clear in the morning (I wear it to bed). 

I could go on and on but I don't want to overwhelm you!  Check out their site, read some reviews, and shoot me an email if you want to know if I have used a particular product.  To date, I have used 11 of their products and plan on ordering more.  There is also a "Contact Us" link on their site to ask a question about their products or what would work for your skin. 

Try Skin Actives today - you won't be sorry! and their blog address is

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alexes said...

i have started using the Bright I serum - and my dark circles are better. i thought nothing would do that. it was cheap and it works, so that's it for me. i think i will try the depuff too.


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