Skin Actives Dream Cream Review

The winter air can be dry, right?  Hands are itchy, legs are itchy and nothing seems to help.  Along comes Dream Cream from Skin Actives.  This stuff is amazing.

I read about this cream on the Skin Actives website.  The container is $30 so I was a little hesitant.  After my satisfaction with other products, my curiosity got the best of me and I purchased it.  I was so excited to use it. 

After I received it in the mail and opened it, it really did look like a jar of whipped frosting.  It is airy and light.  The scent is subtle and great for both men and women.  I used just a bit on my hands.  It was heavenly. I brought it to work the next day for my girlfriends to try it out.  I used a plastic spoon to prevent the spread of germs.  Everyone who used it loved it and wanted to know where they could buy some. 

I have even convinced my husband to dab a little on his hands each night.  A little goes a long way!  I have been using this cream for over a month and more than half the jar is still there.  The price is just about right considering how thick the cream is and how long it lasts. 

Did I mention that Skin Actives sells empty jars in 0.5 oz?   You can purchase the big jar and divide it up for friends.  What a great gift for a teacher, a grandmother, or a friend? 

According to the Skin Active's website:  This dream cream contains SAS antiOx booster with the best lycopene, lutein and more (see below), the antioxidant benefits of cumin (in tetrahydrocurcuminoids), complete nutrition provided by sea kelp bioferment and coconut endosperm, plus the emolliency of shea butter and the essential fatty acids of rosehip oil.

Buy yours today at:  You will not regret it!

The name is so appropriate. 
It looks like frosting, doesn't it?

* Disclaimer:  I purchased this product myself.

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