Nick Chavez Beverly Hills - An Inspirational Story

Nick Chavez makes a mean hairspray.  He also makes an awesome product called Flocker.  You can read my past review here.

Nick Chavez

I recently read a great article on Nick Chavez.  It is really inspirational about how he started out working as a ranch hand when he was young to make money for his family.  He groomed horses and after he realized he had talent, moved on to cutting his family members' hair. Then he moved to California with only a pair of scissors in his hands and soon became a top stylist in Bevery Hills.  It is amazing what hard work and determination can do.  Now he owns one of the top salons in Beverly Hills and has his own line of hair products at Ulta and on QVC!  I was really excited to learn that he was from Arizona (like me). 

I always tell my sons that they can be anything they want to be, start their own business or invent a product someday.  It's nice to read a story such as this one and know that it really is true. 

Here is the link if you are interested in learning more about Nick Chavez:

This is where you can purchase Nick Chavez Beverly Hills products:,,,, and of course

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