Living Proof's Restyling Spray Review

Living Proof has done a great job with their Full and No Frizz products.  Now they have come up with something even better for your hair- a Restyling Spray so you don't even have to do your hair!  Well, sort of. 

Their new Restyling Spray is formulated to be applied to dry hair and is the perfect alternative to washing your hair.  It can also save you if you sleep in or get a last minute invite to a party.   Living Proof's lastest product detangles, reduces static, adds shine, adds softness and control, and even some hold.  It is safe for color-treated hair too, which is essential for me.
Here are some results I got from waking up with day-old hair (and I even left off the makeup for Lora). 

Notice how my hair is flat with tangles on the end and very blah. 

Beginning Time: 16 after

I spritzed about 10 pumps of the Restyling Spray all over my hair and used the flat iron on the ends. I added a touch of hairspray and I was done.  Less than 10 minutes (and that includes the flat iron heating up and me grabbing a beverage from the kitchen) and my hair was done.

8 minutes if you want to be precise. 

 Time to go!

For more information on Living Proof or to check out their products, visit their website at:

*I received a sample from a marketing representative.


Bridgett said...

oohhh! I LOVE dry shampoos since I don't have the time to wash and blow out my hair everyday. Will have to give it a try when I need more. Your hair looked AMAZING after!

Lora said...

You look GORGEOUS without makeup . . . and with it too, of course. :)


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