Sebastian Volupt Spray Review

Fearless is thinking Outside the Box.  Maybe getting rid of the comfortable bob you have worn for years and trying something new.

Fearless is taking a deep breath and pushing yourself to do something you normally wouldn't do. 

Fearless is not being afraid of who you are and working with what you have.  Be Fearless.  Life is more Fun.

I recently had the opportunity to review Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray.  This spray is a volume-building spray gel that utilizes cushion particle technology.  I was excited to try this because I have used Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray for about 13 years and love it.  I was eager to see what the latest product from Sebastian Professional could do for me.  I have always had thick, coarse hair but I have noticed it thinning in the past few years.  I wanted to see if the Volupt Spray could come through for me in adding volume.  I also wanted to try a Fearless Look - just like in their ads.

 The before picture shows me with morning hair (washed the night before and dried naturally).  

I began my process by wetting my hair but not washing it.  I then used one grape-sized amount of Trevor Sorbie Deep Conditioning Treatment and did not rinse it out.  The next step was using about 10-13 sprays of Sebastian Volupt Spray.  I always tend to use a little more than recommended due to the thickness of my hair.  I worked it through to the ends with my hands. 

The Volupt Spray smelled great and the bottle comes with a great cap that actually stays on.  It wasn't sticky either like mousse.  The best part is that it contains a heat protectant.  I am always looking for ways to simplify my morning routine and using less products is a great way to do that.

 I then blew my hair dry with the diffuser attached to my blowdryer.  

After my hair was dry it was a little wild.  My hair is coarse and naturally wavy.  The Volupt Spray added a lot of volume and the feel of thickness to my hair. 

I then curled large sections in ringlets with a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron. 

I then flat-ironed the ends (I did not take a picture of this step).  The first look was...a little 80's.

I then chose to throw it up in a side ponytail, looping it as a loose bun and pulling it until I had the desired look.  Here is a picture of what it looked like before I pinned it closer to my head with one bobby pin.

To finish the look, I sprayed my hair with Sebastian Shaper Plus.  It literally took less than one minute so I didn't even get a picture.  I changed my lip color to a lighter shade (which I rarely do) and here is the final shot:

 Photo Credit: 4 yr old Son

It is fearless to me because I would normally never wear this hairdo outside of the house.  As I said, I liked the entire review process of the Volupt Spray because it made me think outside the box and try something new.  It made me rethink more than my hairdo, but my wardrobe, and my attitude.  Sebastian hit a home run again!

Visit their website here: 

*Disclaimer: I received a sample for this review from Total Beauty.


Maryann said...

You look awesome==love that edgy hairstyle on you and the new makeup too. Do you think the product would be too heavy for thin, fine hair?

Bridgett said...

wow!! your hair looks AWESOME!! sooo cute. You look like you could be walking down a runway!! If I saw you on the street I would be jealous, and would then go home and try to recreate the look. I have questions :), did you pin the ponytail into a messy bun? Did you have to pin back any other stray hairs on the none pony side? I can never get a side pony to look right.

joeandbridge said...

Hi there! My name is Bridgette Groschen and I'm just hoppin' around bloggy world checking out new blogs to follow and hopefully follow me back. You have a lovely blog. I see you had others too. I'm now following this blog. If you'd like me to follow your others too, just let me know. Or, twitter, facebook, etc. Thanks for the great review. Your hair looks good, although I think the fact that your 4-yr old son took the picture is more impressive! I hope you get a chance to come check out my blog. I'm just doing reviews and giveaways now, until I have the courage to start talking more about my family-LOL. Thanks!

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

Jean said...

Thanks for the feedback! Maryann- I think if you use less than me it would work great. I will let you use mine when you come to town.

Bridgett- Luckily, I didn't have to pin the plain side since my hair is long enough. If I had many layers, I would most likely have to pin it. I added another picture to show what the messy bun looked like before it was pinned. I hope this helps!

Bridgette- Thanks for stopping by. I am a follower of your blog now too! You have some great reviews. And yes, my son is a great photographer :)

Lora said...

Love the "new" look!!! And how you are wearing lipstick first thing in the a.m. :)

Karrie said...

OMG - Moody you look fabulous! Great look for a NY Nightclub:)! Let's not forget that! Great pic by Connor!


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