Covergirl lashblash length Review

What is the best way to test a water resistant mascara?  Go swimming. Well, yes.  Go water skiing.  Well, yes.  How about sit in the Splash Zone at Seaworld??  YES!  That is the answer I was looking for. 

My sons insisted that we sit in the Splash Zone during a recent trip to Seaworld, San Diego.  We saw the Shamu and Dolphin show.  Actually, we saw all of the shows and they were great.  I was the party pooper who didn't want to get wet until I remembered I had my water resistant Lashblash Length on my eyes! 

Well, truth is, Covergirl made one good product!  My eyes looked great and after getting soaked, my makeup was still shining bright.  I was also wearing my Covergirl Outlast lipstick so even my lips were perfect.  Lashblash length takes your lashes to extreme length by using an Elasta-Nylon formula.  The applicator brush takes a little getting used to but it works well when you layer.  It is almost impossible to put on too much due to the applicator. 

Here are some pictures from the show:

Here are some pictures of me with Covergirl's Lashblast (outside the show).

A close-up

  And one with my sweet son.

So now I am a true believer in water resistant mascara again.  It really works and should be a staple in your makeup bag all summer!

Click here for more information on Covergirl's products:

*This post was made possible by a sample.

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Karrie said...

I am a believer in water proof mascara too!! Cute pic w/ Connor. Hope the kiddos are back to themselves! Been thinking about you guys.


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