Moroccan Oil Review

I am finally reviewing MOROCCANOIL.  I read about it, heard about, saw articles about it, and bought it. I talked about it and thought about it.  I put a lot of thought into this review.  Thank you to Danielle at Studio DMM for suggesting this product.

The product I tested was the Original MOROCCANOIL Oil Treatment.  It comes in a glass jar and has the consistency of olive oil. 

The ingredients include: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Butylphenyl, MethylPropional, Argania Spinoza Kernal Oil (Aragan Oil), Linseed (Linum Usitatissimum) Extract, Fragrance Supplement, D&C Yellow-11, D&C Red-17, Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone.  Please note it is not pure argan oil as some products.

The website boasts these features:
• Ultra-Light Formula

• Restores Shine

• Strengthens and Conditions

• Reduces Drying Time

I would have to agree.  It is light, non-greasy, and does not weigh your hair down.  It did reduce drying time for my hair (after not using other products in my hair at the same time).  It did seem to strenghten and condition my hair.  I was so pleased that it did not make my hair greasy but smooth. 

I have really thick hair so I used a lot of the product (about a teaspoon).  I applied it to wet hair and styled it after combing it through my hair.  I straightened my hair and used a flat iron.  My style lasted for up to 3 days without washing it and it still was not greasy.  I know that some people have more oil in their hair and this product might not work for them but it worked great for me.

My only complaint of this product is the scent.  I wish it smelled better but for good hair I will gladly suffer. 

I look forward to trying other Moroccan Oil products.  They can all be viewed on their website at:

The website has a store locator so you can find it locally.  I found mine at a local salon in Tucson, AZ.  I would much rather purchase the product locally to make sure it is genuine and also to help the economy in my area.  The salon I purchased mine at Xanadu Salon located at 3250 N. Campbell Road. 

Look for more reviews soon on their other products!

*I purchased this product.


anna said...

Thanks for reviewing...I keep seeing celebrities say they swear by it. I just saw a mention yesterday again, and now I'm glad to know you agree. I may have to try this out!

New London said...

It's such a fabulous product! If you ever have trouble finding it, we sell it online and ship across the country. We always carry a full supply (and several of the products from the line) since it's such a hot-seller!

danielle said...

glad you took my suggestion and tried it!

MissTinksBeauty said...

I really want to try this after reading so many great things about it. Love ur blog I'm a new follower.

Also I'm new to the blogging world please check out my blog and follow if u like.

thanks xmwahx

Anonymous said...

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