Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great holiday and a Happy New Year!  I took a little break from beauty blogging to spend time with my husband and two wonderful sons.  We had a great time and lots of relaxation!  Did I ever mention how much I love my La-z Boy reclining sofa?  I was also inspired (okay forced) to clean out my beauty closet and cabinets.  Wow!  I didn't realize how many items I didn't need, were expired, or hadn't been opened.  I donated 3 bags of beauty supplies to a woman's shelter in town.  It felt good to get rid of so much and make room for new stuff! 

I am excited about the new year and being more organized.  I plan on blogging about items I really like and what I think other women like me would want to use.  I don't really like blogging with a rundown of all the new collections out there because you can find all that in magazines, websites, emails, etc.  My goal is to blog about what I want to use, what I have used, and what I think you would like.  Please email me if you have a question or something you would like to see a review about on Moody Maria.  moodymaria (@) live (dot)com

In addition, I am going to expand my blog to reviews on beauty related subjects like sleep (I love good sheets), relaxation, nutrition, and exercise.  Not too much, just a smidge to not limit myself on reviews.  I also love dishing about celebrities but I will try to focus on the "good" and what I like. 

I hope 2011 is a great year for you and your family!  Thank you for stopping by.  Seriously!

"Let me be moody so you don't have to be!"

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