Just 10 LBS might be the answer

So, how are your New Year's resolutions going?  If you are like me, you are already slipping on that task of losing 5, 10, maybe more pounds.  Possibly what you need is the latest book by Brad Lamm called Just 10 LBS.   Brad Lamm is best know for helping people make life-enhancing changes on The Dr. OZ Show. 

The Just 10 LBS book will teach you how to stick to your resolution of losing weight, starting with Just 10.

How you ask?

Just 10 is the secret to making weight loss stick because while you're focusing on the ten pound loss through healthier eating and doable exercise, Brad will help you go deeper and discover the questions to your own why? Why do I gain it back? Why did I get heavy? What can't I keep the weight off?

*Want to keep the weight off this year? Why not start with identifying your eating style. Figure out which type of eater you are; an emotional eater, habitual eater, external eater, critical eater, sensual eater, energy eater or a combination of eating types. Brad presents a number of strategies, diet menus, recipes, and affirmations to help change your eating habits, give you a new understanding of food, and new perspective on exercise.

*Love Yourself Thin. How?
The path to health & wellness is steeped in loving yourself by what you do with food, with emotions, and manage self-destructive eating. Just 10 can be summed up in three lines:
  • Eat differently
  • Move your body and clean house emotionally
  • Pay it forward and help others live lighter
You can find this book at amazon.com or other at your local bookstore. 

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