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I used some Mary Kay products back in the 90s and somehow lost touch with the representative.  I have been itching to try some of their products again so I started asking around about possible representatives.  I wanted someone who was local, someone who had some experience, and someone who did most of the business online (ordering and shipping).

My good friend Theresa mentioned she had been using Tammy Vavala for over 12 years.  She said she is "great and always ships my items in a day or two".  All I could think was about the high shipping costs and then she said, "Oh no, it's free shipping".  Surely, this was too good to be true!

Sure enough, I met with Tammy and we discussed all my skin issues - dry skin, fine lines, etc.  Hey, I don't want to get too personal here!  She found the perfect moisturizer for me.  I have been using it for over a week and my skin is so supple and not one stitch of dry, peeling skin.  I am so happy.  Then I tried the eye roller and the fragrance-free Satin Hands hand softener.  I promise reviews on each item!  Tammy also had some great advice on sun care and told me about which sunscreens they have that are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  And then was the final question, "Do you really ship for free?"  I got the answer I was looking for - YES!  Tammy ships for free in town or to anywhere in the US!  I was thrilled.  Not to mention, hooked.

So, welcome back to my world Mary Kay!  I look forward to reviewing items I think everyone should have.  Trust me, the Satin hands travel set might be it.  Right now, it's free if you order $40 worth of products

Check out Tammy's site.  Free shipping, free samples, and great service.  Oh and by the way, she totally drives one of those cool pink Cadillacs.  Even my husband was impressed.

*Nothing to disclose.  I purchased all items with my own money. 

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Lexmark 16 said...

Free shipping is a big deals for consumers.Thanks for sharing this.


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