Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Review

I have been working out a a little more this year and find showers can be so much more refreshing when I am sweaty and have worked my muscles to the bones.  I am loving the new Dove Go Fresh body wash.  I have the Plum and Sakura Blossom scent and just love it.  The body wash works great and has the perfect consistency.  It doesn't ooze out of the bottle too fast for waste and it isn't so thick that it makes using it a pain in the neck.  It is just right.  The scent is great and the moisture level is just perfect.  I can even use it for shaving my legs if I forget to replenish my shaving gel into the shower.  

I have even seen coupons online for the Dove line so look for those! This body wash is a real treat and one you will find yourself repurchasing because you love it so much.
Along with the body wash, I also use the Dove unscented beauty bar for sensitive skin.  I find works great for my face.  I am really careful about what I use on my face and trust Dove.  My kids even prefer to use the Dove body wash in the sensitive skin version for their shower over the perfume infused kid's stuff.

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*I received a sample of the body wash.  I purchased the beauty bar.

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