Sprayology Vitamin Spray Review

What is the key to great skin and hair?  Nutrition, sleep, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.  Sometimes it's tough to get all those elements in one day though. That is where Sprayology comes in!
I had the pleasure of sampling two of the vitamin sprays by Sprayology - Daily Multi and B12 + Folic Acid.  Seems a little different, huh?

Before I used these two samples I had heard of taking vitamins in a liquid form but never in a spray form.  I was intrigued to say the least.  I read the directions that clearly stated to shake well before spritzing into your mouth- under your tongue. 

The Daily Multi contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, D3, E and Biotin to rev up the immune system and metabolism, strengthen the optical system and enhance the overall health of your body. It is safe for adults and children over 4 years old.  You just use 10 sprays per day (5 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon).   This spray tasted like oranges.  It had a sweet taste so it wasn't bitter.  I have to admit it was kind of fun to use.  Fun to take vitamins?  Yes!
The B12 + Folic was also pleasant but no orange taste.  I actually liked this one better which is good because it is geared toward people with high stress or those who don't get much sleep.  I have also read so much in the news lately about the importance of taking daily folic acid so this covered me.  This spray is also for adults and children over 4 years old. 

Overall, I really like using the spray vitamins by Sprayology.  They take up a lot less room than vitamin bottles + less waste, cost less, and make taking vitamins much more convenient. 

You can find more information at their website: http://www.sprayology.com/

*I received a sample.

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