Acne and Blue Light Technology

Here I am at 40 years old and I still have acne!  It is driving me crazy and I actually used some benzoyl peroxide the other night.  The smell reminded me of my junior high days and how depressing it was to slather this stuff on my face.  I wish I had know more about skincare back then and used a little less. 

I have been doing research on whether I should start using another product that is gentler on my skin and also address the aging process.  I found this awesome little device made by Tanda, called the ZAP acne spot treatment device.  It uses blue light technology to clear your skin.  It uses sonic vibration to open pores and then the blue light kills bacteria.  This product seems like it would actually work and is clinically proven to work.  Imagine how great it would be to perform anti-aging light treatment in your home and not at a spa.

I am thinking this will be on my Christmas wish list!  They also have a product that is specifically for anti-aging.  Hmmm.  Hard to choose.  Here is an interesting timeline they had listed on there site: 

Acne Light Treatment
Via: Tanda Skincare

Visit  for more information on their products.  Do you know anyone who has tried blue light technology?

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