Ski Season Basics

It's that time of year again!  You better start looking for scarves, hats, gloves, and womens jackets.  Each year when I hit the slopes in Northern Arizona, I regret not looking earlier. 

The Basics:
Helmet:  It's important for all women (not just kids) to start wearing helmets.  Just remember to toss a cute beanie in your inside pocket to throw on while you relax in the lodge with some warm hot cocoa.

Hats:  Try to buy a material that isn't too itchy.  I have seen many hats that have fleece lining and they look so comfy!

Scarves:  Scarves can even be found everywhere - even drugstores.  Try to find a scarf that can double as an accessory for sports games, picking up the kids at school, and holiday light drives.  I personally like plaid and stripes.  Call me classic!

Gloves:  They now have gloves with the finger that is friendly for electronic devices.  At first I thought these were silly until I tried to use mine with a glove.

Jackets:  Puffers filled with down might look funny or make you look like a marshmallow, but they will sure keep you warm!  Also, look for lots of pockets.  As a mom, these come in handy too often. 

Bibs versus Pants:  It's all a matter of preference or your skiing level.  Personally, I like the pants because bathroom trips are easier.  Again, find some with pockets.

Sunscreen:  Don't forget to lather your face, neck, and ears.  Plus, don't forget a lip balm with a high SPF and keep reapplying.  You don't want to pay for these items at the ski shop either so buy ahead! 

Good luck on the ski slopes and remember safety before style!

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