Cetaphil RESTORADERM Giveaway

Congrats to Anne Loyd!  You won the Cetaphil RESTORADERM moisturizer and body wash.  Email me your shipping address at moodymaria(a)live.com and I will get it sent to you right away. 

Thanks for entering!  There will be another giveaway for Valentine's Day so keep an eye out. 

Trendy Bun tutorial

Follow these five tips to perfect this hot hairstyle
The Trendy Undone Bun Tutorial
This is a TotalBeauty.com hairstyles article
Buns are back in a big way. Not the boring librarian ones, but the modern "undone buns." Translation: Buns that are loosely swept up with soft pieces hanging out (and down). If you're on board with this trend, I've put together five rules to help you master the style.
Find out all the different forms of hair removal and pick the one that's right for you
Get Rid of Facial Hair -- Stat!
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Because of the stigma sometimes associated with facial hair, you can become self-conscious, suffer from self-esteem issues and/or become reluctant to enter into a romantic relationship. But, don't despair! Check out these options on removing facial hair now.

Mary Kay - Always Free Shipping

I used some Mary Kay products back in the 90s and somehow lost touch with the representative.  I have been itching to try some of their products again so I started asking around about possible representatives.  I wanted someone who was local, someone who had some experience, and someone who did most of the business online (ordering and shipping).

My good friend Theresa mentioned she had been using Tammy Vavala for over 12 years.  She said she is "great and always ships my items in a day or two".  All I could think was about the high shipping costs and then she said, "Oh no, it's free shipping".  Surely, this was too good to be true!

Sure enough, I met with Tammy and we discussed all my skin issues - dry skin, fine lines, etc.  Hey, I don't want to get too personal here!  She found the perfect moisturizer for me.  I have been using it for over a week and my skin is so supple and not one stitch of dry, peeling skin.  I am so happy.  Then I tried the eye roller and the fragrance-free Satin Hands hand softener.  I promise reviews on each item!  Tammy also had some great advice on sun care and told me about which sunscreens they have that are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  And then was the final question, "Do you really ship for free?"  I got the answer I was looking for - YES!  Tammy ships for free in town or to anywhere in the US!  I was thrilled.  Not to mention, hooked.

So, welcome back to my world Mary Kay!  I look forward to reviewing items I think everyone should have.  Trust me, the Satin hands travel set might be it.  Right now, it's free if you order $40 worth of products

Check out Tammy's site.  Free shipping, free samples, and great service.  Oh and by the way, she totally drives one of those cool pink Cadillacs.  Even my husband was impressed. 

*Nothing to disclose.  I purchased all items with my own money. 

Just 10 LBS might be the answer

So, how are your New Year's resolutions going?  If you are like me, you are already slipping on that task of losing 5, 10, maybe more pounds.  Possibly what you need is the latest book by Brad Lamm called Just 10 LBS.   Brad Lamm is best know for helping people make life-enhancing changes on The Dr. OZ Show. 

The Just 10 LBS book will teach you how to stick to your resolution of losing weight, starting with Just 10.

How you ask?

Just 10 is the secret to making weight loss stick because while you're focusing on the ten pound loss through healthier eating and doable exercise, Brad will help you go deeper and discover the questions to your own why? Why do I gain it back? Why did I get heavy? What can't I keep the weight off?

*Want to keep the weight off this year? Why not start with identifying your eating style. Figure out which type of eater you are; an emotional eater, habitual eater, external eater, critical eater, sensual eater, energy eater or a combination of eating types. Brad presents a number of strategies, diet menus, recipes, and affirmations to help change your eating habits, give you a new understanding of food, and new perspective on exercise.

*Love Yourself Thin. How?
The path to health & wellness is steeped in loving yourself by what you do with food, with emotions, and manage self-destructive eating. Just 10 can be summed up in three lines:
  • Eat differently
  • Move your body and clean house emotionally
  • Pay it forward and help others live lighter
You can find this book at amazon.com or other at your local bookstore. 
Our readers say a great eyeliner doesn't always have to have a hefty price tag
Great Eyeliners You Can Actually Afford
This is a TotalBeauty.com eye makeup article
Smudged and smeared (in a bad way) eyes are a beauty disaster that needs to be avoided at all costs -- but how much are you willing to spend for a liner that doesn't budge? If your answer is $10 or less, this list is for you.
TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 8
No. 16: Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner, $5
Readers call this the "liner with ease," a "staple in my makeup diet" and "great for first time liquid liner users."
TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 8.1
No. 15: Maybelline New York Expert Eyes Twin Brow & Eye Pencils, $2.99
One reader says, "this is simply the best eyeliner ever made. I have used this brand for over 20 years."
TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 8.3
No. 14: Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil, $6
One woman says, "these babies go on super smoothly and evenly distribute A LOT of color. You can't do better for the buck, believe me."

Cetaphil RESTORADERM Review and Giveaway

The Cetaphil brand, recently announced the launch of Cetaphil Restoraderm products, formulated specifically for the needs of eczema and atopic dermatitis skin. Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Body Wash and Skin Restoring Moisturizer soothes itching associated with skin affected by eczema and atopic dermatitis. Both products enhance the skin’s ability to restore hydration and help repair the epidermal barrier as part of a dermatologist-recommended daily routine for the management of eczema.

I was fortunate enough to sample and test these two products.  It was perfect timing with the dry winter skin that I have from living in Arizona. 

Cetaphil RESTORADERM Body Wash:   The body wash was creamy and gentle.  It was also scent-free so it didn't contain any harsh perfumes that can be painful to eczema sufferers.  The body wash is also soap-free and contains moisturizing oils.  I really like Cetaphil's RESTORADERM body wash.  It was gentle enough to use on my kids too.

Cetaphil RESTORADERM Skin Restoring Moisturizer:  This moisturizer contains natural lipids to restore moisture. It is also important to know, this moisturizer is free of parabens, nut oils, and fragrances.  I really liked this moisturizer and have considered switching over to this as my everyday moisturizer.  It was the first lotion that didn't make me itch and also kept my skin moisturized all day.  It was so satisfying to soothe my skin after being so dry from the outside elements.  And don't forget, having a heater on all day and a fire can also dry out your skin!  Thank you Cetaphil for making something gentle and effective.  To learn more about these two products, visit this website:  http://restoraderm.cetaphil.com/default.aspx

Would you like to win a sample for these two products?  The great folks at Cetaphil were generous enough to offer up one lucky reader the chance to win these two new Cetaphil RESTORADERM products.  To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment with the lotion you use currently to restore your dry winter skin and your name.  Also, list your email where I can contact you if you win.  One entry per person and US residents only.  Contest ends Saturday, 1/29/11 at 11:59 pm MST.  Good luck!!

A Cheap Thrill Nail Polish

NYC New York Long Wearing Nail Enamel Big Apple Red.  There is a $1 off coupon on some coupon sites and I bought his for $.99!  Love it!  I bought this once as a cheapie polish to throw on and it turns out I love it.  I got it in red but might explore some other colors.   I bought the long wearing, not the quick coat.  I might try that next.

Before you use a flat iron, read this....

Before you subject your vulnerable strands to your blow dryer or flat iron, prep your hair with these top-rated creams, mousses and sprays
16 Fabulous Heat Styling Products
This is a TotalBeauty.com healthy hair article
Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons weaken and/or destroy vital proteins in your hair as well as deplete your hair's natural oils, which means frequent use of them requires extra maintenance. So to help you help yourself, we combed through hundreds of reviews to find the highest-rated styling products.
TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 8.9
No. 16: Dove Therapy Frizz Control Taming Cream, $4.99
"I have thick, wavy hair and this product works wonders for taming the frizz."
TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 9
No. 15: TreSemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, $2.91
"I have colored hair and style it frequently with heated tools and it still manages to look healthy when I use this spray."
TotalBeauty.com average member rating: 9
No. 14: Kerastase Mousse Volumactive Amplifying Perfecting Mousse for Fine, Vulnerable Hair, $34
"This is the greatest styling product I've ever used on my fine, thin hair."

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great holiday and a Happy New Year!  I took a little break from beauty blogging to spend time with my husband and two wonderful sons.  We had a great time and lots of relaxation!  Did I ever mention how much I love my La-z Boy reclining sofa?  I was also inspired (okay forced) to clean out my beauty closet and cabinets.  Wow!  I didn't realize how many items I didn't need, were expired, or hadn't been opened.  I donated 3 bags of beauty supplies to a woman's shelter in town.  It felt good to get rid of so much and make room for new stuff! 

I am excited about the new year and being more organized.  I plan on blogging about items I really like and what I think other women like me would want to use.  I don't really like blogging with a rundown of all the new collections out there because you can find all that in magazines, websites, emails, etc.  My goal is to blog about what I want to use, what I have used, and what I think you would like.  Please email me if you have a question or something you would like to see a review about on Moody Maria.  moodymaria (@) live (dot)com

In addition, I am going to expand my blog to reviews on beauty related subjects like sleep (I love good sheets), relaxation, nutrition, and exercise.  Not too much, just a smidge to not limit myself on reviews.  I also love dishing about celebrities but I will try to focus on the "good" and what I like. 

I hope 2011 is a great year for you and your family!  Thank you for stopping by.  Seriously!

"Let me be moody so you don't have to be!"
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