Lady Speed Stick Review

I have been working out more this year - Yay for 2012 Resolutions!  I am kind of on a roll and really enjoying my sweaty time at the gym.  I have been walking and running on the treadmill, using hand weights, and taking some Les Mills classes.  The classes are amazing and the instructors really push me.  They literally scream , "Don't you dare stop!" kind of like Jillian Michaels.  One of the things I have learned at the gym is who not to stand next to in class.  It is sad to say but some people simply don't wear deodorant at the gym.  I understand not waking up to get ready for the gym or wanting to wear makeup but deodorant is kind of a must in my book.  Do you wear makeup at the gym?  I do and you can see why in this article.

One deodorant I recently tried was Lady Speed Stick Fresh Illusions in Rainkissed Waterlily.  I am as picky about how my deodorants smell as I am my perfume or lotion.  I stand in the aisle and smell them all and then make my boys smell them all.  They are so used to it and just as picky as me.  I just love this scent.  The actual deodorant works great, lasts all day, and does not stain my clothes.

Try it, you might like it too!

Here is the website:

*Nothing to disclose, this was purchased at my local grocery store with a coupon :)

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