L'Oreal HIP Kohl Eyeliner Review

L'Oreal's HIP line is definitely for those who want High Intensity Pigment. I tried this eyeliner in black and gold.

The eyeliner is actually a powder and is applied with a very fine spongy applicator. I think practice makes perfect with this applicator. First gather some powder, tap to remove excess and then slowly apply the powder. Don't be fooled- it is not eyeshadow and will stay in place! I used too much the first time and had to remove a bit and smudge it to look less dramatic. For a night outing, this product is perfect!

The gold color was a tad too intense for me for the daytime. I would definitely use it for evening and with turquoise shadow. It is really rich in color and vibrant!

I loved using the product but I do think practice makes perfect and it is not a good product for moms that quick to run out the door!

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