My Summer Makeup Solution

I recently switched to a light shade of liquid foundation. I won't mention the brand (yet). I want to give it a fair try in a different shade. It was too light and I looked like a pale ghost in my recent vacation photos.

Here is my solution for the darker shades of summer. I bought two of my favorite drugstore brand foundation compacts. It is called Revlon New Complexion One Step Makeup. It goes on smoothly and you can control how much you use. It also contains a SPF 15 but I also use an SPF in my moisturizer.

It typically lasts me a month and now it should last me all the way through mid-August. In August, we experience the monsoon season, so I won't be out in the sun much anyway.
$11.49 at

I labeled them with a Sharpie so I can distinguish them better at 4:30 am!


Anonymous said...

Have only used liquid foundations(estee or clinique) all my life. I'm going to try the Revlon compact for a change this month!Tired of paying department store prices.

Bridgett said...

Love the compact makeup!! Its so quick and convenient! My mom is trying it next to see if works for her "mature skin". thanks for the recommendation, non-department store foundations scarred me until now.


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