L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara Review

I had the pleasure of trying another L'Oreal mascara this week. 

First off, the shape of this mascara wand is awesome.  I have to say you will feel a little cool using it and a little "fancy".  It is similar to the Givency Phenomen'Eyes version that costs much more ($28 at Sephora.com). 

How does it perform?
I found this mascara gave me the ability to reach my shorter lashes in a way I can't with a normal curved or straight wand.  The mascara quality was great too and lasted all day.  My lashes looked thick, long, and seperated just the way I like.  It wasn't too dramatic for daytime or work either.

The wand will take a bit getting used to though.  It was so lightweight and small that I was afraid I was going to poke my eye, but I didn't.  It also grabs so much mascara that you have to be sure to wipe some off onto the container before applying it to your eyes. 

Overall?  I really liked the mascara and think it might have a chance of lasting power.  As for me buying it again?  Yes, but only if it's on sale and as a secondary mascara.

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