Sustainable Youth Review

What are you looking for in a beauty skincare line?   I am looking for improvement in wrinkles, improvement on elasticity, and something natural.  Sustainable Youth has all of those elements.  I recently tried the Sustainable Youth line which included immune performance elasticity cream with Alasta™, the revitalizing serum with Alasta™, and the elastifirm supplement with Alasta™.  

I was skeptical of these products because they were organic.  I thought something so natural couldn't be that effective.  I was wrong! 

I used these products for several weeks and have seen a skin improvement.  My skin was breaking out and it seems that the natural ingredients have helped my skin quality and even my elasticity.  I especially noticed it in my neck area.

The cream is scent-free and so calming to the skin.  I used it day and night and saw no breakouts or irritation.  It is very gentle and natural.  It also worked well when applying my new mineral makeup.

The serum actually made my skin tighten up and feel as if my wrinkles were being worked on as I slept. 

The supplement was small and easy to take.  I actually left it in my bathroom drawer with my cream so I would remember to take it twice daily.

I really enjoyed using all of these products. They were easy to use as the cream and serum both have pump dispensers.  One pump was enough to cover my face so it will last a long time.  The bottles are small enough to keep in your makeup bag or drawer and the caps actually stayed on!

The products above all contain Alasta™. 

The description on their website is as follows: Scientists discovered and isolated the patented extract Aloeride® contained in the proprietary, active complex Alasta™ and demonstrated its potent immune-stimulatory effects on activating the performance of the immune system's first line of defense.

Though its precise pathway has not been charted, based on clinical testing, it is clear that a positive, supportive relationship exists between the use of Alasta™ and the ability to help reduce overall inflammation in the body to help sustain the quality and appearance of youth.

Alasta™ appears to affect the performance of certain immune cells which results in less inflammation. Less inflammation results in less oxidative stress, fewer free radical reactions, and less collagen cross-linking, resulting in increased elasticity and firmness.

To check their products and other testimonials, go to their website at:

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