Johnson's Baby Powder Review

Johnson's® Baby Powder in Cucumber Melon

You read my review for Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, right?  Now I am lovin' on another product of Johnson's.  This time it is their Cucumber Melon Baby Powder.  I think this is going to be a great stocking stuffer for my entire family.

I recently used this powder on my boys after cutting their hair.  It brought back memories of my mom doing that for me.  Whenever she would trim our hair, she would quickly apply Johnson's baby powder to our necks so we wouldn't itch.  The cucumber melon scent is even better though and rather cooling.  Of course at my baby shower, I requested Johnson's baby powder for my baby.  It never failed me for both of my boys' diaper rashes when they were babies.

I thought of a few other ways you could use Johnson's Cucumber melon baby powder:

Carpets: Sprinkle a bit on the floor and vacuum it up - enjoy the fresh scent!

Shoes: Sprinkle a bit in the bottom of your shoes to make them fresh and soak up all those bad odors.

Hair Powder: We have all heard of this shortcut for not washing your hair.  You could use just a dash on the top of your scalp to freshen up your hair, soak up some excess oil, and blow dry it out to leave your hair truly ready to style!  These hair powders can be quite pricey but Johnson's baby powder is inexpensive, usually on sale, and a trusted name since 1890.

As a quick freshening agent on those days when you are late for work! 

There are so many more ways to use Johnson's baby powder.  How do you use it??

Visit their site for all of Johnson's Baby Powder options.

*editor's note: This product was a sample provided by a PR agent. 

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