Looking for a great Brush?

Have you had trouble finding a great new brush?  I have a great website for you and some reviews.  I just tried three brushes from http://www.brushlove.com/

The first brush I tried was a PRETTY PINK 2-in-1 Mirror Brush by Brushlab.  It is not only a super brush in a great size for traveling, but it has a mirror on the back.  This is great for your purse and the size of the mirror is perfect for checking your hair or doing your makeup on the go.  I especially liked the brush because it worked well with my thick hair.  The bristles really grip my hair and get through all the tangles.  This brush is perfect for traveling and everyday use.

The second brush I tried was the Brushlab Ceramic Flow Thermal Round Barrel Hair Brush.  This brush worked beautifully for styling my hair with the blow dryer.  The size of the barrel was pefect for grabbing my thick hair.  The entire barrel is ceramic, which helped reduce frizz (which is a constant issue for me).  My hair turned out great and lasted for 2 days!

The third brush I sampled was awesome too and possibly my favorite.  It is called the Brushlab Blueberry Square Cushion Boar Bristle brush.  It was soft and very massaging to my scalp without pulling my hair.  I liked using this before my shower to gather the loose hair, but it can also be used to style your hair in a soft hairstyle.  I think this is a must-have for every woman!


All of these brushes and more can be found at http://www.brushlove.com/ .  They also have hair appliances and mirrors.  I am drooling over the PING Digital Hair Iron ($159.99 retail).  Would you like to win it???


Fill out the survey below to be entered into a drawing to one of FIVE LUCKY WINNERS of a Ping Digital Hair Iron.

Good Luck!

As an added bonus, Brushlove is offering a 40% discount to Moody Maria readers on any order through 11/25/09.  Just use the code blog40 at checkout.  *discount does not apply to Mason Pearson.

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