Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I am going to feature products for Stocking Stuffer ideas this month.  My first idea is one or all three hand mirrors from .

These hand mirrors are two-sided and easily bend so you can angle them just right for applying your makeup, fixing your contact lenses, inspecting your teeth before a power lunch at work, or just simply adoring your beauty!

I am going to use one at home, one in the office, and one for travel.  They are lightweight and the colors are so fun.  Click here to see all of the mirrors at Brushlove!  Right now they are even having a CYBER sale until December 4th.  Check their website for the code.

Satina Spectra Lime Green

Satina Spectra Cool Blue Round

Satina Spectra Hot Pink

Wouldn't they look lovely under your tree?
Visit to find your favorite.

*Disclaimer: I received a sample from a vendor.

1 comment:

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Great review, they look so nice near your xmas tree! I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it so far. :)


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