Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I am going to feature products for Stocking Stuffer ideas this month.  My first idea is one or all three hand mirrors from .

These hand mirrors are two-sided and easily bend so you can angle them just right for applying your makeup, fixing your contact lenses, inspecting your teeth before a power lunch at work, or just simply adoring your beauty!

I am going to use one at home, one in the office, and one for travel.  They are lightweight and the colors are so fun.  Click here to see all of the mirrors at Brushlove!  Right now they are even having a CYBER sale until December 4th.  Check their website for the code.

Satina Spectra Lime Green

Satina Spectra Cool Blue Round

Satina Spectra Hot Pink

Wouldn't they look lovely under your tree?
Visit to find your favorite.

*Disclaimer: I received a sample from a vendor.

Beauty Buys for Less, Holiday Discounts

Check out these great deals, beauty freebies and free shipping offers that'll last the rest of this year

Save Cash with these Holiday Discounts
We could all stand to save a few bucks while holiday shopping this year, and these deals will be a major help! We found tons of stuff, from sites offering free shipping, to discounts, cool gifts-with-purchase and more!

Johnson's Baby Powder Review

Johnson's® Baby Powder in Cucumber Melon

You read my review for Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, right?  Now I am lovin' on another product of Johnson's.  This time it is their Cucumber Melon Baby Powder.  I think this is going to be a great stocking stuffer for my entire family.

I recently used this powder on my boys after cutting their hair.  It brought back memories of my mom doing that for me.  Whenever she would trim our hair, she would quickly apply Johnson's baby powder to our necks so we wouldn't itch.  The cucumber melon scent is even better though and rather cooling.  Of course at my baby shower, I requested Johnson's baby powder for my baby.  It never failed me for both of my boys' diaper rashes when they were babies.

I thought of a few other ways you could use Johnson's Cucumber melon baby powder:

Carpets: Sprinkle a bit on the floor and vacuum it up - enjoy the fresh scent!

Shoes: Sprinkle a bit in the bottom of your shoes to make them fresh and soak up all those bad odors.

Hair Powder: We have all heard of this shortcut for not washing your hair.  You could use just a dash on the top of your scalp to freshen up your hair, soak up some excess oil, and blow dry it out to leave your hair truly ready to style!  These hair powders can be quite pricey but Johnson's baby powder is inexpensive, usually on sale, and a trusted name since 1890.

As a quick freshening agent on those days when you are late for work! 

There are so many more ways to use Johnson's baby powder.  How do you use it??

Visit their site for all of Johnson's Baby Powder options.

*editor's note: This product was a sample provided by a PR agent. 

Another Contest to win a Sephora Shopping Spree

How much stuff could you buy with a $10,000 Sephora Shopping Spree?

Enter for your chance to win a $10,000 Sephora Shopping Spree!
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Discount at

Christmas is right around the corner.  Time to start shopping!

Now through 11/25/09 enter the promo code blog40 and receive a 40% discount on any order at

*excludes Mason Pearson brand.

Looking for a great Brush?

Have you had trouble finding a great new brush?  I have a great website for you and some reviews.  I just tried three brushes from

The first brush I tried was a PRETTY PINK 2-in-1 Mirror Brush by Brushlab.  It is not only a super brush in a great size for traveling, but it has a mirror on the back.  This is great for your purse and the size of the mirror is perfect for checking your hair or doing your makeup on the go.  I especially liked the brush because it worked well with my thick hair.  The bristles really grip my hair and get through all the tangles.  This brush is perfect for traveling and everyday use.

The second brush I tried was the Brushlab Ceramic Flow Thermal Round Barrel Hair Brush.  This brush worked beautifully for styling my hair with the blow dryer.  The size of the barrel was pefect for grabbing my thick hair.  The entire barrel is ceramic, which helped reduce frizz (which is a constant issue for me).  My hair turned out great and lasted for 2 days!

The third brush I sampled was awesome too and possibly my favorite.  It is called the Brushlab Blueberry Square Cushion Boar Bristle brush.  It was soft and very massaging to my scalp without pulling my hair.  I liked using this before my shower to gather the loose hair, but it can also be used to style your hair in a soft hairstyle.  I think this is a must-have for every woman!


All of these brushes and more can be found at .  They also have hair appliances and mirrors.  I am drooling over the PING Digital Hair Iron ($159.99 retail).  Would you like to win it???


Fill out the survey below to be entered into a drawing to one of FIVE LUCKY WINNERS of a Ping Digital Hair Iron.

Good Luck!

As an added bonus, Brushlove is offering a 40% discount to Moody Maria readers on any order through 11/25/09.  Just use the code blog40 at checkout.  *discount does not apply to Mason Pearson.

15 Miracle Beauty Products

Check out this list of miracle-working products that lead to beauty success stories!

Let's face it -- not all of us want to spend a bundle on costly spa treatments to fix our body issues. Luckily, these unique products promise incredible, seemingly impossible results for everything from body acne to cellulite. And readers say they live up to their claims! average reader rating: 7.4

"This is the best way to rid the body from acne …" average reader rating: 7.4

"If you use this scrub on your tummy and on your lower ab area (you know the kangaroo pouch!!) you will see and feel a difference …" average reader rating: 8.1

It "lightened the freckles" on faces, "helped with scarring" after surgery, faded "ingrown hair and bug bite scars" on legs and got rid of acne scars and stretch marks …

The Twist Hairstyle Trend

From tight knots to loose coils, these hairstyles put a new twist on practical elegance

Hot Celebrity Hairstyle Trend: Twists
"The Twist" is more than just a popular 60s dance. It's also a look practically anyone can wear. So check out this celebrity hairstyle that's fun to sport and so easy to copy.

Johnson's Baby Oil Gel with Shea and Cocoa butter Review

Okay Moms, let's get real here.  How many times do you "borrow" your baby's products to use?  Baby wipes, lotion, bath lotion.  You know what I am talking about!

I just found the best product for me!  Johnson's Baby Oil gel with Shea and Cocoa butter.  If you do not have this in your house, run to Target now and get some. 

This oil gel is not runny, doesn't leak all over your granite countertops, is spill-proof, smells heavenly, and works great!

Scent:  Cocoa butter usually reminds me of the 80s.  Laying out by the pool with cocoa butter cream before all of those ads about sunscreen.  This is NOT the 80s version.  This cocoa butter scent is very light and fresh.  It WILL remind you of a romantic honeymoon in Hawaii or a candlelight dinner on the beach in California.  It is not overpowering and can be worn with your usual perfume.

Feel:  This baby oil is perfect for removing makeup but also great for your legs and arms after a shower.  It really does hold in 10 times the moisture than ordinary lotion! 

Great for Feet:  As an experiment, I used a good amount of this baby oil on my feet and quickly put on socks.  I did this at 9pm and when I woke the next morning, my feet not only felt great (not greasy) but they looked really great!  They looked like I just got a pedicure.  You have to know I am telling the truth because I actually took off my shoe at work to show someone my shoe insert.  I normally would NEVER do that!  I will continue to use this product all winter for my feet to keep them in tip-top shape.

Great for baby too:  All kids need to get some babying and that includes toddlers.  When my son recently scratched up his leg, I used a little bactine and smoothed his leg with this oil to make him feel special.  Now both my sons want to use it after their baths because it is "special" and not like ordinary baby oil.  It is clinically proven mild and Dermatologist and allergy-tested too. 

This would make a great baby shower gift but also a great gift for any woman.  Get yours today!

Origins GinZing Eye Cream Review

I recently had the opportunity to try the newest in eye creams!  This one is made by Origins so it has to be good, right?  It is called GinZing and I just love it.  As a mother of two young ones and during flu season, a lot of sleep can be lost.  GinZing works great when you have to cheat on your sleep!

The cream is a light pink color and it has a slight sparkle to it, but nothing that will show up on your eyes.  The sparkles are actually natural optic brighteners which refresh your eyes and make them radiate.  The cream is so gentle and actually made my eyes feel calm and moisturized at the same time.  As for reducing dark circles, it did seem to help.  It did not interfere with my mineral makeup either, it held onto it throughout the day. 

The actual cream should be gently dabbed around the eye are with your fingertips (not rubbed in).  This area of your eye is so delicate and should be treated with such care.  That is why I trust a product from Origins with their use of natural ingredients such as caffeine from the coffee bean, Panax Ginseng, and Magnolia extract.

Wouldn't this make a great gift for a tired mom around the Holidays???

For more information or to order this product, check the Origins website at :


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