Biore Steam Activated Cleanser Review

Biore Steam Activated Cleanser with SteamActiv beads

I was getting low on cleansers and decided to try something new.  I found this at my local Target and thought I would give it a try.  It was listed with a Allure Winner sticker, so how could I go wrong?

The first time I used it I used about 6 pumps of it and used it outside the shower.  That was a huge mistake because it was goopy and thick and once I finally got it removed, my face was as red as a strawberry.  Then I decided to actually follow the directions and use it in the shower.  I used two pumps and it was just about right.  A little goes a long way!  My face felt so clean and tingly when I got out of the shower and my skin has cleared up a bit in the past few days.  I did notice my pores were not cleared from this product though so it doesn't completely clean you up or work miracles. 

I would recommend this as a simple cleanser for someone with combination/oily skin.  My skin is fairly dry so I probably shouldn't be using it everyday.  It's a little addicting, however.  Step away from the Biore Jean!!

I would give it two thumbs up. 

Works with the steam in your shower for a truly deep clean.

Dermatologist tested

Open up and say 'Clean'! Mint-infused Biore® Steam Activated Cleanser with SteamActiv™ beads uses the pore-opening power of steam, right in your shower, to penetrate deeply into pores, locking on to dirt, oil & makeup and then washing it away. Leaves skin clean and deeply refreshed all day.

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