Bruce Grayson's Red Carpet Trend Report

Oscars Makeup Department Head and Olay Celebrity Makeup Artist Bruce Grayson spent Sunday evening making sure all the stars looked their best before hitting the stage at the event of the year. As promised, he's now raising the curtain on the backstage trends, some of his favorite looks and do-it-yourself tips.

Q&As from Bruce Grayson

What's the one product (or type of product) you think women should never leave home without?
One area you really want to take care of is underneath the eyes and I love products with multiple benefits for this. One product that I love is Olay Total Effects Line & Dark Circle Minimizing Brush - it packs a really great 1, 2 punch. It firms skin underneath the eyes as well as reduces fine lines; it has tinted coverage which conceals dark circles really, really well-a major concern when you're walking the red carpet. I also love it because it's not greasy so you can wear it underneath makeup.

How were the makeup trends different from past Oscars?
We saw a really great dichotomy of different makeup looks. We saw some great smoky eyes which I thought were brilliant. Mila Kunis looked absolutely gorgeous with her smoky eyes. Then we saw some hard lines with dramatic shimmery shadows. Anne Hathaway did this very well against a bold lip. The common thread running through the night was that all of the makeup was on great, great skin, which means taking care of dark circles underneath the eyes and concealing them.

What was your favorite Oscars look and why?
My favorite look was Gwyneth Paltrow. She just had really beautiful polished bronze eyes against a nude pink lip. It was really simplistic, but it looked great. She was very natural with the hair parted down the middle - it was gorgeous.

What are the steps to get Anne Hathaway's eye makeup look?
Anne Hathaway had a great dark liner and then she used a shimmer glitter right across it which was really dynamic. She also had beautiful, gorgeous lashes and a red bold lip. It's everything we talk about - refined eyebrows against gorgeous, perfect skin. How to achieve this look:

Step 1: You want to start with a great skincare. Use Olay Total Effects Line & Dark Circle Minimizing to cover under eye bags with a tinted concealer that's not going to be too heavy.

Step 2: Next is to use a beautiful lipstick that's moisturizing and helps to conditions the lips. COVERGIRL Lip Perfection has enough moisture in it to change the texture of your lips in just 7 days. It also has a fantastic color palette and it guides on smooth with no flaking or feathering.

What are the steps to get Scarlett Johanson's berry lips?
First apply a little lip balm and then go over it with the COVERGIRL Lip Perfection. To achieve the best color, you just want to press it on rather than use a brush. Press it on with the actual bullet because the payout on the product is so good.

What are the steps to get Michelle Williams' dewy skin?
Dewy skin is all about hydration. I recommend Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum. Add a layer before applying makeup and you can even mix in a little with your foundation. This product creates a guaranteed dewy look. Also make sure you strategically use powder - too much powder can destroy a foundation quicker than you can say makeup.

Any favorites from the night?
Sandra Bullock had gorgeous skin with a dewy finish. She used a beautiful sheer champagne with just enough shimmer that when she closed her eyes you saw that glimmer of light. However, it was that bold red lipstick that really sold the makeup. To achieve this look try COVERGIRL Lip Perfection. It is not only has great color, but it's also very as a lot of moisturizing and with red lipstick you really want to make sure that it doesn't flake or feather.

Cate Blanchett looked amazing with that gorgeous lavender chiffon dress. She blew me away. Her makeup also looked gorgeous with a shimmery and slightly smoky lilac shadow with a soft pink lips. But it was all against this gorgeous skin - no bags underneath her eyes, no dark circles. Olay Total Effects Line & Dark Circle Minimizing Brush is a great product because it's so subtle and it conditions the skin so well that it might be the only thing you need.

Here is a video of Bruce Grayson:

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