Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone wore green, set out leprechaun traps, ate corned beef and cabbage, and got to enjoy being Irish for the day!  We had a great day at our house and started some new traditions.  We had a leprechaun visit us and cause some messes such as spilled milk, toilet paper down the hall, and crackers left all over the counter with a note in cheese that said, " Ha ha!".  Lucky the Leprechaun left us a note with golden coins as a treasure hunt and left the kids a hefty treasure.  What fun we had! Green cupcakes and homemade Irish soda bread for desert (Mom made it from my Grandma Vani's recipe). 

Looking forward to next year!


Anonymous said...

Are you a lepricon????

Jean said...

Well I have a Claddagh ring from Ireland so I am pretty close. :)


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